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I am looking for a low cost 35mm film/slde scanner just for personal use (I don't need a 4000dpi pro model). Does anyone have a recommendation for a scanner that will fit the bill for under $200. I already have a flatbed scanner so I am not interested in a combination unit, they are typically slow and clumsy (I already have access to a good one at work), I want a dedicated unit with at least 1800dpi resolution.

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I sought the same thing and ended up with the Konica/Minolta Dimage Scan Dual IV after reading Steve's review of the Dual III.

It seems outstanding for the $285 I paid for it at B&H.

Here are some scans from Agfachrome slides that are 35 years old. All have been color corrected, contrast modified and generally cleaned up, as well as downsized.


This photo was scanned from a 40 year old Ektachome slide that was nearly faded away, then cleaned up in Photoshop.


Hope this might help a little.

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Newegg has the Epson 4180 scanner for $220, and with $50 rebate, only $170.


Pretty close to the 4870 minus some specs, but can't complain for 4800 dpi.
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Konica Minolta Dual Scan IV. All the way. There is no comparison to any flatbed.

I've been scanning slides and all kinds of negatives and I'm routinely impressed. My father had a Bell & Howell camera that took 35mm film, but took 2 shots per picture. I don't know if I'm explaining that right. The link is here:

Anyway, those negatives are 30 years old now and I've got them looking nearly perfect. I can get a beautiful 8x10 print from them.

And to add to it, I really like the Minolta software. surprise. I had planned on using Vuescan, but I getter better results with Monilta.

I only wish it had firewire because my laptop only has USB 1, but I'll deal.
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