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In 1990, Agfa was the only leader in the Professionnal Market of Photo Scanning + Magazine Scanning + Negatives/Diapos Scanning, because they had the best Optics, the best Engine, the best Chrominance, the best Clarity, the Purest Colors, the best Color Fidelity, the best Optical Density = 3.0 Minimum, and the best Drivers (with de-interlacing of Magazine Photos, which contain Weaves of CMYK Dots, as opposite as Photos that contain Contigus Tone of Colours).
But then, competitors came more and more, with a new ultra-slim technology, with a new lightning method inside the scanner, and new digital capture of the Photos, and with more and more cheap prices !
As a result, Agfa abandonned completely the Mainstream Market, and only continued the Ultra-Pro Market.
So, now that Agfa is no more out there, who else would you recommend, for Pros, as a best replacement of the legendary Quality of Agfa ?
My needs are as follow :
- Photo + Magazine + Negative + Diapo Scanning for a Profesionnal Use, in a advertising Prefession.
- 48 bits internal + EXTERNAL !!!
- 4800 DPI OPTIC !
- Option for Negatives / Diapos.
- Optical Density = 3.0 Minimum
- Driver with de-interlacing Weaves from Magazine Photos.
So :
- Umax ? Which Model ? Remember that Agfa was making the Engine of its own Scanners by Umax Manufactures...
- HP ? Which Model ? Remember that HP was an excellent contender to the quality of Agfa entry level models...
- Epson ? Could we call them Pros ? Which Model ?
- Canon ? Could we call them Pros ? Which Model ?
And, what do you think of the multifunctions ?
Do they have a Pro Scanner built-in ?
Or I should avoid these models for a Pro Use ?
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So, I have found myself a review, and it seems that the best scanner for Pro, like was Agfa before, would be :
- Microtek ScanMaster i900.
It is a Taiwan Company, and it is represented by Umax in Europe, which is a good sign of professionalism.
So, what do you think of that scanner ?
Is it the best ?
Or which else ?

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In fact you had not only Agfa but also Umax.
Umax went down trying to become the leader in consummer scanners and also getting into Apple business with compatible Macs. Apple changed its policy and retrieved its license. Microtek bought Umax.
Microtek was good 15 years ago when scanners were expensive and used by professionals but Microtek was average on features and quality.

Now, my best bet is on Epson. Features and support are on their side.
There are some contenders on every model but Epson is leader everywhere.
Professionnal scanning features and quality has become popular today and may be expected in every home, including kids. Microtek hasn't the size today to compete.

Nearly all scanners I use in business are Epson.
Sometimes HP is used because of people preferring HP or its drivers, meant to be easier and less featured (in fact poor).
I have seen some Canons 9900/9950 because fast and able to scan films and slides very well.
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