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This is a new product to me but looks a winner from this edit of remarks I found on the web:

35mm Slide & Negative Digital Converter
$100 [often out of stock] Take 35mm Slides or Negatives and scan them at up to 1,829 DPI for easy conversion to Jpeg or whatever digital image format strikes you Pros: Affordable, Good picture quality Cons: Can get hot spots, Image carriers clumsy only Brookstone's $130 'Veho' version [out-of-stock] compatible with Vista -all others Win XP.

Sparce Documentation but fairly intuitive. Play with it to improve quality. Eg, it adjusts color quality in steps so once capture started, pressing TransferButton before it completes adjusting can lessen HotSpots/BurnOut.

adjustable picture quality (low, medium, high). Using medi, "slides come out at 2592 x1680 (or something) - Way to large for me so I run all thru Photoshop". quality very good if scanner runs full 5 sec but hit the scan button too quick & image quality is severely diminished

it's made by VuPoint Solutions .:[ http://www.vupointsolutions.com/fs-c1.asp ] , for var others - Hammacher Schlemmer [ 'Backordered"] , Frontgate [In-Stock w$14 S&H], Summit, ThinkGeek [ 'Backordered"] , etc awa Brookstone's ["ships in 17 days"]. "Veho"version [the only Vista-Compatable unit but costing $129 vs. $99 & 'Backordered"]

firms that "Scan your negatives/slides for you" charge 25c to 50c /slide, BUT their quality may be better, one claiming to be best says they deliver 2000 DPI

"Scanner: Good; Software: Badclunky software adjust(s) color & saturation levels, but final image looks NOTHING like preview - a trial-and-error process. Scanning a negative was even worse",

'She Who Must Be Obeyed" gets one 12/25so I'll se how it works for us. After we're finished with it, I plan to lend ir to friends/family.
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Does anyone have this negative converter? I would love to really know how it works and the results you get from converting negatives.

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Ok; I'm slowly starting to work through the hundreds of slides we've collected since 1960.

I'd say the scanner works very welldigitalizing "Snap-Shots" but while the 4"x6"s I've printed from it's files on our HP Photosmart are 'nice',I think the 8"x10"s are just a bit iffy & would be better done by Kinko's. So, for the really special 1% of our pictures, I'll still be savimg the original slides "just in case".

Do note that the manual confirms that this scanner only works with the various versions of WinXP. One hopes they'll upgrade the software befor Microsoft renders XP obsolete as they already have withWindows ME, etc; but note that a Vista-compatable software version has not yet become available.

I'd forgotten thatsome of our slides are not encased in the usual cardboard frame but rather in the somewhat thicker windowed, plastic, hinged cases that are more common to Europeans. I was pleased to find these cases do fit in the Slide Carrier - the 4x6s looked OK even tho logic dictates the film itself must be just a hair above the scanner's fixed focal-point.

One gripe may be due to my lack of PC expertise, But - - - - to get 4x6s on photo paper & I seem able to do this only using HP's own 'Print' program - all other of the various "Print Buttons" seem to give me 'Plain Papar' copies. The SlideScanner tags the jpeg filesto call up it's own viewer when the jpeg is clicked. And I crop/edit/annotate/store photos with the 'free-ware' Picasa2. So I find myself going throughsome raher convoluted moving around of each file to complete the priocess.
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