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What good quality A3 scanners are about that give really nice high quality scans ?? I have found this one Mustek ScanExpress A3 which is about £80, this one any good ??
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ScanExpress A3 is a consummer scanner. Even the Pro versions isn't great.
I really don't recommend it for anything else than rare use (slow) and expecting average to low color quality, lack of precison (meaning width scale may be different from length and scanning may not be continuous). Don't expect to make good magnifications as the resolution is barely 300dpi.
I really recommend Epson GT10000/10000+/15000. They are very fast (quite noiseless), not very expensive (on par with Scan Epress pro A3), have great drivers for any OS including Sane (made on purpose by Epson Division and given to Sane/Linux community), and everything on a lan woks great and fast (with Sane or Epson proprietary lan management). I know none that have failed and know many to be working perfectly for years now with tens of scans per day.
Price may be near to £1000 but it is clearly worth the budget.
Better you spend £100 on a better (faster with real usb2) A4 scanner. You may get better precison, way better resolution and assemble 2 A4 into one A3 in no time.
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