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I am looking for a scanner which can scan documents, photos, 35mm slides and negatives. I have a large number of old pictures, slides and negatives which needs to get scaned and saved. I was looking at Epson Perfection 4490 model but some reviewers say that slide and negative scans are very soft.

What would you recommend for me with great quality scans at under $500.00?
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One of these:

I personally slightly prefer the Epson, but if you have a lot of slides and negatives with scratches and dust the Canon FARE system is equivalent to Digital Ice on the Epson and much faster.

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Old Dec 27, 2005, 5:00 PM   #3
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Thank you for the response and recommendation..:-)

What is the difference in Epson 4990 and 4490? What do you get more by pay a bunch more money? :?
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Old Jan 26, 2006, 6:39 PM   #4
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The Canon CanoScan 8400F is the highest-rated scanner on Newegg (among quite a few). The more expensive Canon may well in fact be better, i'm not sure, but I bought the 8400 and it arrived today. So far I'm impressed with the features and amount of control i get in the scan interface. You may already have bought something, but if not, i wanted to point this out to you.
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Old Jan 29, 2006, 7:54 AM   #5
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Canon 9950 is way better and you should get it for some $400, so twice the 8400 price.
It scans a lot faster, 12 slides in one pass, better precision and definiton, deeper colors, and has a dust removal system based on IR supplemental light.

Epson has scanners that matches all the 9950 specs (Epson 4890 and 4990) but scanning somehow at lower speed. Epson 4890 and 4990 has better drivers than Canon and this is especially true about its dust removal software.
The best bargain is the Epson 4490 at a price very close to 8400 with only the speed lacking (but seriously slower and not for production) from the Canon 9950 specs.

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I have the Epson RX530 purchased principly to scan my 35mm slides. I have been using a resolution of 300dpi which gives a good A4 image. Looking at the settings its possible to scan at 9600 dpi. I tried 1200 and it took forever but I could have enlarged to wall size.

It has a lot of pre scan adjustments that are performed on the preview image this cuts down the amount of image adjustment after if the original is poor. This is great for me because some of mine were.

Its a multifunction printer and produces great photo's. It is a 4 colour system compared with its big brother the RX630 which has 6.

Upside it uses ink tanks which are a cinch to fill and for my prints I have not seen better. Profesionals would point out differences in quality but I have only my immediate family as critics and judging by requests for copies and seeing them later in framesis testementto my claims. Hmmm maybe they hide them when I leave.
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Question on your scanner. HI Falco, I read your response and since I'm going crazy trying to choose a reliable scanner, thought I wouldask you for any recent results that might give me even more info on how yours is working. Iprimarily need one for old photo conversion to digital for photo restoration and use them for prints and in video slide shows. I currently just photograph them with my 5mp sony on max size at macro setting with good results but am limited to doing in outdoor lighting and good weather. At least with my camera, I can shoot a 2x3 image and be able to convert it to a 300 ppi 5x7 print photo or larger for use in my slide shows. My ownly prior experience with scanners was dismal and I noted that I was never able to enlarge photos because they seemed to come out 1x1 original size. Since I sometimes need to do a hundred photos for a slide show, all in various original sizes and conditions, I need something reliable, sharp and able to save large image file. I can do any retouching with my own software, once converted to digital.

Each of the reviews Ive read seemed to have more cons than pros from users and since you have one of the latest perhaps you could advise me on your recent results and if it sounds like a unit that would serve the purposes I described. I appreciate any help you can give, Fuzzy:?
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