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cameranserai Dec 6, 2005 7:59 AM

I hesitated betwen the Epson and the Canon and it was the speed of scanning that influenced me. I am scanning thousands of slides and negatives dating back almost 50 years and the interest was to get them on computer first and sort out the quality second so I have scanned them at 2400 dpi - quite sufficient to see if it is a keeper or not. 12 slides take about 20 minutes at this speed, and I am overall very impressed with the quality. If I want to scan 12 slides at 4800dpi then I may as well go and do the shopping so that is why I am firstly using 2400.

Overall I am very impressed since value per pound compared to a dedicated negative scanner is excellent. Canon have indeed stopped making a dedicated scanner since this has surpassed it in quality. Taking into account the B&W photos, the slides and the negatives scanned, (these 21/4 square, 35mm and 120) I can highly recommend this product to those who are seeking a new scanner.

janlef Dec 10, 2005 10:17 AM

What about the quality compared to Epson and how well does the Canon remove dust ?
Is there a way through their drivers to get the best without retouching.
Some tests clearly stated. Canon ghardware seems the best, Epson software seems way way better, so they had to san on Canon through twain completely untouched into Photoshop and at highest definition and then to caliber and set special filters through photoshop or other softwares to get better results than Epsoon which already gets its best out of its drivers.

Is that still true ? Since it's been a while I read these tests and new Epson line is there, no better than previous, Canon may have tweaked and extended its drivers.

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