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I contacted a well regarded photo hardware reviewer in the UK who was able to get a confirmation from Canon UK that the 9950F was indeed discontinued as of October. The UK rep suggested that the 8600F is the "replacement" for the 9950F which I think would be more accurately stated as the 8600 is now the top of the Canon line.

Why this has not been made "official" or reflected on the USA site is unknown.

Now my decision is the current Canoscan 8600F vs. Epson V700 or the soon to be discontinued Epson 4990. Any thoughts?


BTW, SGSPIRIT,as far as I can tell, there is only one 9950 on eBay right now.It is listed by a seller who has been registered for less than three weeks and has no feedback comments whatsoever. Also, at $383 bid with 17 hours to go, this 9950 is likely to sell for over $400 before shipping, which is steep for an item that you could have bought for $350 just a couple of months ago and is now discontinued. Yeah, scarcity has value but stepping up to current models like the 8600 for half that cost or the v700 for not much more than that, seems a smarter purchase.
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Yes, it looks like the supply of them has dried up on eBay. I too avoided bidding on one. Someone with a record of only a few small sales, suddenly was selling three different scanners at the same time, and didn't reply to my email pointing out that this didn't look good. Even if the seller was legit, it means the sale prices were low to reflect the apparent risk.

But, if you go to www.yahoo.com, select "Shopping", and do a search for Canon 9950f, there are a bunch of places that claim to be selling them. Checking further indicates most of them don't actually have the scanner, but it looks like a few might.

Canon's Canadian website lists the 9950F as a current model. It sounds like the 8600F is as good anyway.

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