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Chucker Sep 27, 2004 9:22 PM

Problem trying to create ICC profiles using Canoscan5000F scanner and Profile Prism. The user guide for Prism suggests not using the scanning software that came with the Canon scanner.Instead it recommends VueScan. Tried Vuescan. It can't find the scanner and the 5000F is not listed in the supported section of Vuecan. So I am using the canon software but so far don't seem to be able to get a good scan. I have tried adjusting brightness, contrast, gamma and the histogram min/max levels. When I load the image into Prism I gat a warning msg. regarding patches that are at the min/max brightness level. Best I've been able to do so far is to get the number down to 46. Prism user guide says if count is above 10 to try adjusting scanner settings.


Has anyone tried Prism with a Canon scanner?

Any suggestions for scanner software?

Does any know how to correlate the IT8 target reference file data to the RGB data that is displayed in the patches in prism orPhotoshop Elements?

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