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I need to digitize several hundred color slides to make a DVD slide show. Since it will only be shown on TV, the resolution doesn't need to be tremendous, but many of the slides were shot in strong sunlight and have deep shadows, or were generally underexposed due to insufficient flash coverage, poor metering, etc. I already own a Minolta Dimage Scan Elite film scanner, which is just barely OK for these dark slides, but not all that great.It is of course also dreadfully slow, especially when I need to use the multiple pass featureto bring down the noise in the shadows (e.g., 2-3 minutes / slide !)

I'm considering two alternatives and would appreciate feedback from those with experience in this area:
  1. A newer slide scanner such as the Minolta Scan Dual IV or Scan Elite 5400. Pros: These newerscanners have better dynamic range / DMax, so I'm hoping I wouldn't need the multiple scan technique as oftenfor reducing noise in the shadows. Cons: It's still a relatively slow way to go, and I really don't want to invest more money in another (35mm) scanner, since I also have some 120 film I'd like to scan, but I can't justify the price of a multi-format film scanner. [/*]
  2. A Canon EOS 20D with a slide copier attachment to a 28-105mm lens. Pros: It should bemuch faster than the scanner, and I've been wanting to buy a "real" digital camera anyway. Cons: How well will it recordthe information, especially in the dark shadow areas of the slides? I suppose this is a function of how much light I hit the slide with ... butwill I then likely have dynamic range issues (i.e., well exposed shadows with blown highlights?)[/*]
Thanks in advance for any input.

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Well, dark, contrastiy slides are the real problem for scanners, unfortunately.

I've found that the Nikon 5000ED works okay with the DEE set appropriately to dig the detail out of the shadows, but it is no speed deamon.

Please quantify a few hundred -

if you want to contact me privately we might work out a deal, as I have the slide feeder and it works (mostly). I can walk away from it for about 6 hours while it scans a stack. Depends on the mount type and condition.
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