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Old Jul 20, 2004, 10:16 AM   #1
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I want to purchase a scanner who's primary job would be to convert old family photos to digital (mostly B&W, some color) and reprint a few selected photos with my current printing setup. There are some 35mm negatives and slides in the box as well but not that many. My research seems to have me looking at either the Epson 3170 or the new canon 8400F that was released July 12. The epson seems to be well respected but I can find no info about the Canon model (which I assume is because it's so new). The specs on the Canon look good (as if I'd really know) but old posts indicate Canon doesn't make the best scanners. Anyone want to help out a lost soul here who's heavily leaning toward the Epson? I don't want to make a big purchase mistake because of my ignorance of the scanning world.

Thanks in advance for your help,


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Most test results I've seen like the Epson scanners best for film and slides. I think it is a safer bet without good reviews of the new Canon.
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Old Aug 17, 2004, 3:11 PM   #3
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I also want to replace my older Canon 646 with something betterand was looking into an Epson 3170 or a Canon 3200F (since i never scan at more than 600dpi) .

I hate waiting and the 3200F is supposed to be very fast, i was about to give up a little bit on quality (maybe) in order to have a faster unit when i saw the new 8400F which seems to be faster than the 3200F (2 seconds preview) and more powerful.

The 8400F is not yet available in Europe, but i think it might be worth waiting.

If you buy a 8400F, please let me know how it works for you.

Thanks a lot.
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Old Jan 3, 2005, 1:08 AM   #4
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I just purchased a Canoscan 4200F, mainly to scan articles from magazines as a better means of retrieving and looking at "how to" Photoshop stuff while working on the computer or just to save favorite articles or reviews.

Just for fun I tried the built-in film scanner- I was shock to see how well it did several Velvia slides. I compared them to scans I had done several months earlier with a Canoscan 4000US dedicated film scanner I no longer have. As with the film scanner, color negs were more difficult and grainy- I'll take my DSLR files for pictures at ISO 100 or higher, but these Fuji Velvia slides scanned BEAUTIFULLY. I'll attached one here for your review. I may have to get an Elan 7n and start shooting some slides again!

There are some other cool looking features I look forward to trying, like photo restoration.
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Old May 9, 2006, 7:09 AM   #5
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I was wodering if you could post more 35mm film scans made with your canoscan 4200f because i haven't found any useful review of this scanner. It is true that the scanned images are pale compared with the ones prnted in the lab? Thanks
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Old May 9, 2006, 5:48 PM   #6
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I have a Canon 5200F and the scans I've previously done of 35mm negs and transparancies have been very good, unfortunately I'm unable to post samples as Canon have decided the 5200F and lower are not worthy enoughto have XP 64bit drivers written for them, they have them for the 8400F and 9950F but anything lower in the range is classed as "domestic" and will not be supported!. Pity really as I've been very impressed with the 5200F.

I'm now waiting for delivery of an Epson 3170 which I got off Fleabay for around half the price of an 8400F and I'll post some examples when it gets here, at least it has 64bit drivers!.
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Old May 24, 2006, 5:27 PM   #7
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I have been using the Epson 4490 to scan some photos and a lot of odd 1/2 frame 35 mm slides that are more than 50 years old. The results are amazing. I really like the ICE built in to clean up dirt and spots on the slides. I would highly recommend the Epson 4490. Also check the Epson web site for any rebates they may be having on their scanners.
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