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I want to preserve my dad's photographs, mostly circa 1930s to 1950s,and I need a plan. He left me many of his own prints, plus a large number of negatives in various sizes, mostly b&w, and color slides. Someone recommended the Canon 9950F scanner.
It's at that point that my planning has come to a halt. I'm so new to this that I'm not sure where to go with my thinking. Some photos will need rescuing, I'm sure. I figure I can get a good book on retouching (any suggestions?), and learn to do more with Photoshop. I know I'll want to make some prints, but I won't be able to print all of them. Yet I'd like to do something beyond saving everything to CDs. What can I create (with captions) that my family can look at easily, and as often as they like?
I'd be asking about a software program to store and organize the photos, but I don't want to keep them all on my hard drive. Is there anything I can do online? Maybe just a free Flickr account would take care of it, but I was thinking of something different...I'm just not sure what!
Your advice is greatly appreciated...

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I don't think you can go wrong with the Canon 9950F or Epson 4990. They both have advantages, but for old film and slides I think the faster dust and scratch removal on the Canon might give it the edge.

I think the best investment you can make for learning Photoshop is a second monitor. The monitor itself need not be expensive and many people have a spare lying around. A smaller and less competent monitor works fine for Photoshop tools so you can devote your main screen fully to the image, and it works well for tutorials and books on CD so you can follow them on the main screen. You would probably need a video card to handle two monitors.

Book recommendations would vary according to whether you hooked up a second monitor. If you plan to work with a single monitor, Adobe's Classroom in a Book is a good place to start. But you have to work from the book, which I find a hassle. It does have a CD with files you work with to follow projects from the book.

With a second monitor there are various books on CD or downloadable from the internet you can have up on the second screen and follow. Some have free sample lesions so you can find one you like. You can also learn a lot with free tutorials. Go through some basic tutorials and learn the terms. Then you can look up specific tutorials for things you want to do. I find the tutorials have more space and images devoted to specific tasks than books or CDs.

I use pbase.com for online storage, but it isn't free. I find the $17/year cost reasonable and everyone can access them. There are plenty of free sites if you don't need the images full size so people can download and print them.

Most DVD players will read JPG files you put on CDs or DVDs. You can put a lot of high quality JPGs on a CD, and it might be an efficient way to distribute them. Most will also read VCD slide shows you can put on CD. It isn't as space efficient because it is basically a movie of the photos.

The freeware Irfanview is about as good as it gets for resizing the images in bulk for CDs or online viewing. If you store the full sized images on CDs for yourself, Irfanview with make a HTML file of each CD to keep on the computer with large thumbnails that doesn't take much space. It is an easy way to find them if you name the file the same as the CD.

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