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Default HP 6250Cse Scanner Woes


I’ve had my HP 6250Cse USB ScanJet (with auto document feeder) for a several years now and I’ve been using it of late with WIN 2000 Professional. However, I’ve never downloaded and installed software upgrade, drivers, etc.

Last week the scanner conked out on me. I uninstalled the program and decided to reinstall everything from scratch so I closed all other programs and inserted the program CD. After I clicked on “Typical Installation,” I got “Checking machine for scanner interface.”

What followed was: “Scanner Interface Not Found: To use your HP ScanJet scanner, your PC must have either a USB or SCSI interface. Therefore, you must stop the installation at this point. For information about USB and SCSI, click on the information buttons below” … etc. This has never happened before.

In the past I’ve noticed that the scanner power connection sometimes got a tad loose and the machine made what I call “reset sounds.” I would simply reseat the cable and it worked fine again.

My other USB devices continue to work fine. What gives with the 6250Cse where I can’t even reinstalled it? Is it something with my USB setup (I can supply details on request) … something I did … or is it the scanner itself?

Many thanks.

M i k e
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Just a few thoughts.
Try another usb cable and/or another usb port. If still a problem try uninstalling the scanner software and then reinstall. Download latest driver for your operating system and install.
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Default Further to my Last Post: - HP ScanJet 6250Cse Woes

Further to my original post, I did some additional research, which included trying to install the ScanJet 6250Cse software on my son’s laptop computer (he uses WIN XP). Well, I got the same error message as before, so it must be the software CD, not my computer or the scanner itself.

Then it hit me. I had originally installed the ScanJet on a WIN98 platform! I’ve been WIN2000 Professional for a while … and had never upgraded the HP software and drivers for WIN2000! So, when I completely uninstalled the scanner, of course I wasn’t able to reinstall it!

OK … I checked the HP website for software upgrades and drivers and found (6) updates that refer to the HP ScanJet 6250Cse … but which one(s) to get? Here they are:

1. CD – ScanJet 6200/6250 cse/cxi PrecisionScan Pro scanning only software/driver: Date (2001-12-28); Revision (1.03); Size (N/A). MAIL-ORDER

2. ScanJet 6300c, 6200c and 5300c series USB Connectivity/Firmware Update: Date (2002-05-28); Revision (1.0); Size (100KB). DOWNLOAD

3. ScanJet 6200c/cse/cix/6250c/cse/cxi PrecisionScan Pro software/driver – SCSI and USB: Date (2001-10-24); Revision (1.02); Size (45.92MB). DOWNLOAD

4. ScanJet 6200c/cse/cxi/6250c/cse/cxi Scanning Coach Update: Date: (1998-12-01); Revision (N/A); Size (294.85KB). DOWNLOAD

5. CD – ScanJet 6200cse/cxi/6250/cse/cxi PrecisionPro full feature software/driver: Date (2000-11-03); Revision (1.02); Size (N/A). MAIL-ORDER

6. ScanJet 6200c/cse/6250c/cse/cxi Copy Utility Update: Date (2000-03-05); Revision (1.0); Size (199.70KB). DOWNLOAD

Your collective suggestions and recommendations will be much appreciated.

Many thanks.

M i k e
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It appears that you can get by with #3, but for free I would also get #4 and#6.
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