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I have rummaged around the Internet for months and cannot find a reference that I understand that identifies the format or name for the 1950s-60s era Ektrachrome slides I have that measure:
a) 2.75 inch x 2.75" in cardboard mounting;
b) 2 inch x 2 inch transparency
I presume this would be considered a "medium format," but most are defined by sizes that are listed in centimeteres, such as 6cm x 6cm. I have about 250 of these that I want to scan, but don't know if any of the scanners I've considered have holders that can readily accomodate them so that I can scan several at the same time. I am considering the Epson Perfection V700 or v750, and watching what's being discovered about the new Microtec M1 dedicated & glassless film scanner. Certainly open to other suggestions that can more readily accomodate this size - whatever it is called or referred to.
I also have another 300-500 standard 35mm film slides (from mid-late 70s) that I will want to scan over the next 6 months to year, in addition to 3x5 and 4x6 color prints.
Any help in identifying the correct format/name for the aforementioned slides and appropriate scanners with holders to enable scanning multiples will be so much appreciated.
Thank you,
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I can't give you no definite answer but it sounds like maybe the old 620 film. This was the size film used in the old folding "hawkeye" cameras. It was also used in a lot of inexpencive square format twin lens cameras in the 50's and 60's. I use to use this film in one the large "brownie" box cameras when I was a kid so I could make contact prints. They stopped making the film some time in the late 70's.
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