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ladygold Jul 25, 2013 9:13 PM

Need help using svp fs1800 slide to digital converter
I have a HP Pavilion Laptop (Vista) and a Dell desktop computer (XP). I need to convert a lot of old slides I have and am having difficulty on both of these computers trying to get my SVP FS1800 Digital Film & Slide Converter to work. About a year ago, I had it working fine on my desktop but now since having a re-install of Windows due to a crash, it won't work on my desktop or my laptop.
I have installed all the software via the CD that came with it (Arcsoft) and have followed all the instructions in the booklet.
I get as far as getting the device turned on with the red light showing it's on, and then the MENU pops up for just a moment and then disappears! It does read what was in the hard memory of the device from the last time I used it, but I cannot get it to recognize the slides that are in the tray! I've tried it both with the memory card IN and the memory card taken OUT. Still not getting the menu to stay up on the small screen on the device and therefore cannot instruct it how to pick up the slides in the tray!
What could be going wrong?? Could it have anything to do with a message I keep getting on both of these computers at random times that says "HIGH MEMORY USAGE BY INTERNET EXPLORER" - even though I sometimes only have one window open?

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