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I just inherited about 1,000 slides from granny..The family elected me create a family album. My HP just died, it was a 3200 and worked well. Can anyone help with purchase of a new scanner that I can use as a photo scanner and now a slide scanner. I use the scanner mosty for photo from year books and photo's..Thanks Paco PS I'm 98se.
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A few weeks ago I bought a Canon 4200F flatbed, mainly to scan articles and photos. I'd never been a fan of using flatbed scanners to scan negatives or slides. I always used a film scanner until I bought my first Digital SLR. Soon after I sold my film scanner & have not shot a roll of film since.

Just for fun I tried the built-in film scanner of this new 4200F and, to my surprise, I was really impressed with the ability to do mounted slides. Here are a number of scans I've done with the 4200F:


I also tried color negative film and was much less impressed. I figure the slide mounts assist a great deal in keeping the film flat enough for this type scanner to do a very good job- for negatives it still seems a dedicated film scanner is the way to go. There are two slots within the negative carrier that allows the scanning of two mounted slides at a time, and it does so much faster than my film scanner ever did, because the Canon 4200F has a USB2 connection. I was able to do about 20-25 in an evening (around 3 hours), and that included Photoshop corrections afterwards. I also tried a few prints and wasequally impressed. For documents, mounted slides and pictures I highly recommend the Canoscan 4200F.

My resultswere so positive that Ihave boughta small Nikon FM2N outfit so I can start shooting some Fuji Velvia film again. I always liked shooting Velvia- this scanner, at $99,makes the process much more economical.
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PC Magazine gave the canon 8400F good marks for ding slides even in black & white. I read that USB 2 doesn't really matter in speed over USB 1 unless your scanning at a real high setting. I also read the no software makes do with the top rsoulation of the 8400F scan resoulation yet or any scann that can scan that high. That all software will down grade the DPI to much less. i must say with my mustek 1200 EPIII i never went over 300 DPI and with the OCR always used 100 to 150. Does a higher DPI setting make the OCR software better? I found if you scan at a to high resoulation you start to get the grain from the paper in your picture.
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