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I`ve gotten into digital cameras just about a year now, and thinkdigital photographyisbetter than deluxe pizza! However, I have several thousand negative 35mmframes from the prior twenty years that I`d love to convert to digital format. What I`m looking for is informationon how to, and what equipment I`d need, and approximate cost of such equipment. Does anybody here know of websites, books, or your own experience, for such a task. I know it will take a lot of time to scan, and examine, the 35mmshots, but I do want to save them.
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Hi John. I just recently purchased a film scanner for precisely the purpose you mentioned. I ended up purchasing the PrimeFilm 3650U for $269 plus shipping from BH Photo, which is a competitive price. I am quite happy with the quality of the scans as well as the software. It comes with CyberView software to connect the scanner to your operating system, and a full edition of Photoshop Elements 2.0, which is long in the tooth, but still quite serviceable. My advice would be to go to the BH Photo site http://www.bhphotovideo.com and enter the search term "film scanner" in the search box and you will see a dozen or more different scanners ranging in price from under $200 to better than $1000. You can then google some of the ones that you are interested in for more information. You are correct inthat a lot of time is involved, but I believe it is worth it. http://www.adorama.com is another good site to see what scanners are available. These are designed specifically for film scanning, and nothing else. Good luck!
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I have a dedicated film scanner and use it only for specific images I want to digitize. I also have a lifetime collection of negatives and will probably get a Canon 9950F or Epson 4490 flatbed to scan them all.

With dedicated film scanners you can get slide feeders for the upper end models and slides aren't a big problem. But negatives are a hassle because you have to baby-sit each strip. The advantage of the flatbeds is that you can scan 4 or 5 strips at once.

You also don't want a scanner without a laser dust and scratch removal like Digital Ice. Most software dust and scratch removal leaves a lot to be desired. Both of the flatbeds have decent scratch and dust removal with the Canon system being faster. I'm a little dubious about it compared to the true Digital Ice on the Epson, but reviewers say it works well.

Epson has better software but VueScan is reasonably priced and works on the Canon. The 9950F takes one more film strip and the scratch and dust removal is quicker, so it will likely be my choice. I already have VueScan.

You might read through the reviews with attention to film scanning. Both of those flatbeds do better than lower end film scanners and even older high end units. You can just put one in motion with 4 or 5 film strips and go about your business for an hour or whatever rather than constantly feed filmstrips. You get better scans with current high end film scanners, but those flatbeds aren't bad.

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Thanks for the replies! I`m glad I checked back to this forum section. I`ll look into your suggestions. JH
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