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Default Replacing Minolta Dimage 5400 Elite?

I have been using a Minolta 5400 Elite on and off for years. No issues with it yet (I think I got one of the "good" ones!), but am wondering if there are better scanners out there in today's world that are in the comparable class? I do use my images for printed purposes still, up to trade show banner size of 3'x5'. I only have 35mm slides to scan. I am ok with spending up to $2,000ish if it will get me significantly better results. final IQ is really my goal, not too worried about scan times, user interface comparisons or anything else.

Any ideas or suggestions would be great, as I cannot find any reviews of current products that make comparisons to older scanners. I have not shot with film for close to 8 years now, but have a lot of images I would like to get into my digital library.
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Having just started shooting film again after close to 11 years of not buying a roll, the scanner world is substantially smaller than it was in the early 2000's. The universe of current film scanners is pretty much summed up in the two pages of scanners for sale at B&H..


I wound up buying the Plustek 8100 film scanner to scan 35mm black & white I now shoot with a couple of classic (Contax and Leica rangefinder) outfits. Seems no worse than the Canoscan FS4000US I was using back in 2003-2004 before I gave up film altogether until now. Wouldn't be surprised it it took buying one of those $1,995 outfits to better (and who knows if it would be significantly better or not) the results you achieve now with the Minolta.

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basically there is nothing available new that will beat your Minolta without spending a lot more than you have.

The 5400 was one of the best available especially at its price point and todays consumer options like the Plustec range don't hold a candle to what the Minolta can produce.

I got rid of mine years ago and now regret that foolish move as second hand units now cost more than these did when new, and the same with the medium format version, which I also had and sold for peanuts.

Canon, Minolta and Nikon who made the best consumer scanners no longer make or even support them.

Flatbed scanner are basically rubbish no matter what anyone claims

Keep your 5400

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