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OK, so I have read all the threads and reviews I can on the subject.

In particular I am giving some weight to this one...


My choice is narrowed to the Epson V750 or the Nikon Coolscan V ED.

Input Format - mostly 35mm. (But who knows what the future holds.)
Output Format - mostly A4/8x12 but good A3/12x18 desired.

I think I will probably want the Silverfast AI software with the Coolscan, and it is included with the Epson. So the relative costs come out to a very similar amount...
Epson V750 (£500) + Silverfast AI upgrade (£75) = £575
Coolscan V ED (£425) + Silverfast AI 8 (£150) = £575

Epson 16bit v Coolscan 14bit.
Epson multi-format v Coolscan 35mm only.

There is probably a small resolution advantage to the Nikon, but will I notice it at A3 print size from a 35mm negative?

I have somewhat limited desktop space so the Nikon is a little nicer from that perspective.

I am worried about the Nikon drivers for Intel Macs, as I am finding it difficult to get any definitive answer as to whether they will work or not, and a lot of horror stories. Obviously if they don't work then it has to be the Epson.

On balance it looks like the Epson is probably the safer bet even though it might have slightly lower resolution, it has the added flexibility of allowing MF scans if I do get hold of some MF gear in future.

I also expect that this line of Nikon scanners may well be the last we see, whereas Epson will probably keep theirs going for a while longer. This gives me some confidence about support for updates for future Mac OSX versions, etc.

So is the V750 up to the job of making good A3 prints from a 35mm negative? Or will they look sad next to A3 prints from a Coolscan V?
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1) For scanning slides and negative strips, you cannot compare the quality of a film scanner to a flat bed scanner-it's the slide/negative scanner everytime.:evil:

2)Silverfast, while liked by many, I found to be a disaster on my Nikon Coolscan V. Although the Nikon software that comes with the scanner is a little clunky, it will scan at greater dpi (4000) and greater depth (12 bits) than Silverfast. Use Silverfast only if you're in a real hurry and want second quality images.:roll:


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