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Having used photoshop and digital cameras for a number of years now, I have recently been re-converted to medium format film.

I obviously would still like to take the occassional shot into photoshop, so need therefore a 120 format film scanner. There seems to be a limited choice in this format (plenty of 35mm scanners), so, am I being thick, could I not make up my own frames for holding 120 film and scan them on a flatbed intended for 35mm film. Is there something obvious that I'm missing here? Help me please!
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Some flatbed scanners are designed to scan film larger than 35mm, too.

I've got an HP flatbed with an optional lamp designed for this purpose. It came with different templates for various film sizes.

You place the included lamp on top of the template containing the film, which shines through the template sensors in the scanner see it.

When used this way, the scanner automatically turns off the lamp in the scanning bed while scanning, relying only on the lamp over the film.

You see some solutions designed to reflect the light from the scannning bed from time to time. But, I woudn't count on great results. A lamp over the film (with a scanner that automatically disables the lamp under the scanning bed), is the better way to go if you're using a flatbed scanner.

I haven't kept up with current solutions. But, the film size is sometimes limited. My old HP could support film sizes up to 5x5" (12.7 x 12.7cm). Many solutions won't allow transparencies ornegatives that large.

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I've been using an Epson 4490 to scan a bunch of old stereo slides (1/2 frame 35mm). I just line them up in the mounts on the bed of the scanner so one of the frames of the stereo slide is under the transparency scanning light built into the lid of the 4490. I then use VueScan software to setup the spacing and cropping to allow for the non-standard frame and mount spacing. These slides are more than 50 years old and the results have been beyond my expectations.
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