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I have a Trust 240th Webscan Gold, works perfect but I can not scan transparencies, it just won't let me select positives or negatives in the Scan Source display, it's stuck on the reflective setting and will not budge, when clicking with the mouse it just high-lights blue as normal.

I un-installed the programme and it's Twain folder, re-installed and just the same - stuck on reflective.

When I un-install I get an error code -:

Instruction at "0z77f52a72" reference at memory "0x0015208" the memory can not be "read". Click OK to termionate.

So I did and got -:

The instruction at "0x7472268C" referenced memory at 0x00144d54 the memory could not be "read". Click OK to terminate.

Doing this completes the un-install.

Sure would appreciate any help on this

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Scanner sorted...!

The faulty installation was due to a blemish on the CD ROM which I cleaned with Brasso or Silvo (liquid metal polish) but it still would'nt switch to Transparancies.

Problem was caused by a broken sensor wire in the TA (Tranasparancy Adapter) lead, due to opening and shutting I guess.

The connections are as follows-:

Looking into the TA socket at the pins, the bottom left is the black wire (Ground) this goes to the middle pin of the PCB connector in the top cover.

The second one up from the left is the Yellow (Sensor) wire which goes to the left of the PCB connecor.

The bottom right pin is the Red wire (+ve Supply) this goes to the right of the PCB connector.

The second pin up from the bottom right is not used.

Thought I'd post a response to my own reply to help others, note that Trust scanners are made by Mustek for further reading see-:

http://www.meier-geinitz.de/sane/mustek-backend/#other here you will find the latest driver updates and known glitches for these and others.


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