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After I bought the Canon 9950F, I didn't have time to even take it out of the box for three months.

Soon after I started using it, I discovered there was a 3-4cm scratch on the glass flatbed. Of course, the 3-month delay violated all sorts of fine print about defective merchandise and returning the scanner to the store or Canon.

I had nothing to lose by trying anyway, and hoped that the like-new appearance of the scanner would prove I hadn't been using it. Plus my trustworthy demeanour:-)

The replacement process got bogged down exactly because of the delay.

One day while negotiations between Canon, the store and myself continued, I took a close look at the scratch, and discovered that it actually was a line of dots, like the track from a fine etching tool. This is not something an end user could do.

So I used the impressive super macro mode on my new Samsung Digimax i6 to take a picture of the scratch. In just the right reflected light, the line of dots was clear. I used a photo editing program to blow up the dots, printed it out, and delivered this to the store, who faxed it to Canon.

The store said it was obviously a manufacturing defect, immediately gave me a replacement scanner, and said they would sort things out with Canon.

A few days later, we were about to go away for a few weeks, so I decided I should try out the second scanner, just in case there was anything wrong with it.

Good thing I tried it. The replacement scanner failed to scan properly. It had vertical lines all across the scans, and although I could tweak the controls to minimize them, I could not get rid of them.

So I took it back to the store and told them they had three weeks to sort it out. Three weeks later, on top of confusion about whether I had been refunded for the scanner during this saga (I had not), the store also reported that Canon claimed there was nothing wrong with the second scanner, and I must have installed the software incorrectly.

In fact, I had just used the software as installed for the first scanner, which worked fine (other than the scratch). Giving Canon the benefit of unlikely doubt, there could have been a version change in the software, requiring removal and reinstallation of the software. As it turned out, Canon was not entitled to the benefit of doubt.

Fortunately, the store said they would get me a replacement scanner anyway.

Many days later, I called to check on the status of what will be the THIRD scanner. Not in from Canon yet. But the news was that Canon was now agreeing the second scanner was defective. I'm not sure why they couldn't verify the software issue earlier, since they had both (defective) scanners and all the software.

After several delays, the store has promised me the third scanner later this week. Meanwhile I've been without a scanner while this mess has gone on for 2 months. Not to mention the hassle, and about a dozen trips to the store. I think the store also has grounds to ask Canon why they got two defective scanners. I gather these two are the only 9950's they've handled for a long time.

Getting two defective scanners is a bad showing in terms of confidence in the Canon brand, and rather than quickly make things right for their goof-ups, there has instead been foot-dragging and runaround.

Now, do you think I'll ever buy a Canon camera?
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Today I called Canon Technical Support, trying to find an email address for for their customer support people. It seems to be impossible to contact customer relations without going through technical support.

Anyway, they said that the better and faster way to have resolved this would have been to contact them directly, rather than contacting the store. Why this could not have been conveyed to me when Canon was first informed of the problem, was not explained. So Technical Support now has a record of this matter, and advised me to update them if the store does not provide a replacement.

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After talking to Canon Technical Support on the 14th, I composed an email describing this whole matter and sent it to them. I requested that a perfect 9950 be delivered to me right away, and that my inconvenience be recognized in some manner. I included a link to this topic.

To date, 6 days later, there has been no response at all.

Today the store called me to say 9950 #3 had arrived for me from their stock at another store. I picked it up, set it up, and did a scan. Looks perfect. Which, since I did not reinstall the software, is pretty well conclusive proof that 9950 #2 was indeed defective despite Canon's initial claim that I had installed the software incorrectly.
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