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basic questions re: the workflow scanning in of 35mm color and b/w negs
I have been re scanning my entire neg/slide population to sell to stock agencies etc..
many ask for 50 MB files tiffs.
I am also at the same time learning to use masks, channel selection masks etc in pshop CS2
i am trying to optimize many of these sellable and already prize winning shots.
I initially did them on an LS1000 and ofcourse suboptimally.
I am on a G5 10.3.9

1- i always use ICE (its probably one of the top 3 greatest inventions in dig photo )
2- i then usually run the preview scan at 4000 dpi 16bit, ICE with nothing else on.
3- if i see grain i try GEM at 1,2 often 3, It seems to help when photos are viewed on monitor at 33%.
if i see shadows where i think i can get some detail i use DEE from 20 -60 depending
it does open up the shadows for sure
4- if the negative seems to be too noisy ( clipped ) i multisample at 4 or superfine
5- most negs are simply scanned in with only ICE on all else off
i get about 110-130MB files 16 bit.

once i get the scan i do as much pshop adjustments i can in 16 bit
then once done to my satisfaction i then switch to 8 bit and save to noncompressed TIFFS.
the files are usually 52-69 MB 8 bit.

is there any thing grossly wrong with what im doing?
should i keep them at 16 bit ( very big file )?
why would i keep them at 16 bit?
Wont agencies with Windows OS be able to open 50 MB TIFF files made on a MAC?
any hints!?!??!?
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