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SoCalMacDude Nov 25, 2008 3:44 PM

Has anyone tried this new slide scanner? Creates a 5 Megapixel image from slides and negatives. I would like to see sample photos from both negatives & slides. It scans to an SD card, so no computer connection or drivers is required. Cool!
Now let's see the quality of the scan . . .

purplefish Nov 25, 2008 10:00 PM

Costco online has it for $129.99 - $30 off = $99.99
I don't know how long this will last.
I am concerned about the speed. 5 seconds per picture. Can it scan in an entire strip or do you have to press a button for every image?

wdeshazer Dec 1, 2008 9:40 AM

According to the company Web's "interactive demo"
  1. Insert film [negative] into tray[/*]
  2. Slide tray into scanner[/*]
  3. Press OK button to capture[/*]
  4. Wait five seconds[/*]
  5. Press OK button again to save[/*]
Seems that the five seconds allows for the scanner to perform a single pass of the image and to show the result on the built-in LCD display. Not bad considering what it would take using a traditional scanner.

There is no auto-feeder for the film tray, so you will have to advance each frame through the scanner.

USB powered and comes with cable and AC-to-USB power converter. More tidbits from the manual:
Image Sensor: 1/1.8" inch 5 mega pixel CMOS sensor
Lens: F no.= 2.0, 4 Glass elements,
LCD 1.5" Color TFT LCD
Memory Slot: SD/MMC compatible
Exposure Control: Automatic
Color Balance: Automatic
Scan Quality 1,800 dpi
Data Conversion 10 bits per color channel
More at

Hope this helps.


Photoflops Dec 3, 2008 12:31 PM


WOW!!! This is one fast little machine, and it does a super job. One request would be to make more frames available so that you could spend time loading them and then scan them all at once. But even without that, it is so quick and easy, and fun! You can flip and mirror images on the fly. Pop out the card, put it into your card reader and Viola! I would also like to see them make a frame holder for 110 sized film. I don't have near as many of those as I do 35mm, but I have enough to where it would be worth having. Did I mention how FAST this thing is? Preview the picture, takes a second or two, then hit save. Done, slide on to the next one. I bought mine from and with shipping to my door it was $107.00 It's worth double that!

So there you have my thoughts on this awesome tool. Treat yourself to one, you won't be sorry!

PS The quality is as good as the negative or slide. It makes an exact copy for you, you can fix it in Photoshop if you need to.

:DEnjoy! Photoflops

captbly1 Dec 4, 2008 1:20 AM

Hmmm boy thats a bold budding review for your first post and just joining. Do you work for the company? Do you have any sample scans you can share. I am seriously debating on trying this thing out, but leary at the same time.

IrvineDave Dec 4, 2008 12:59 PM


Hhmm, first post for you as well. Do YOU work for the competition?;)

Seriously, I just ordered one from Costco. Looking forward to playing with it, then putting it in my pile of other tech gadgets.

captbly1 Dec 4, 2008 7:30 PM

LOL, yeah i knew that one was coming. I cant log in to my normal account for some reason so I had to sign in as new. (odd that yours is first post too).

Anyone see any post of pictures scanned with it?

dreyfoos Dec 10, 2008 11:19 AM

I'm new here too and this was my first experience with a dedicated 35mm slide scanner. I was so upset by the non-perfomance of this device that I had to vent. I arrived here when I searchedfor other reviews of the Wolverine. I bought mine from Costco and it's going back.

Instructions: poor (becoming the norm these days).When I finally found the menus, I'm thinking, perhaps if you're used to text messaging the non-intuitive interface wouldn't be so bad. The slide carrier is primitive, clunky, and appears way too breakable.

I'm 66,and have plenty of computer and photography experience. The results I finally obtained - after spending way too much time trying tomakeit work were not worth the money or the time.

I planned to post the result from scanning aparticularslide of mine which I deemed worthy of demo- I could notbecause the fuzzy, faded, resultswere twicethe allowable bytes for posting here. The results from this product are what you would expect from a toy. If anyone else can squeeze out a better result then I congratulate them.

Clarinetist Dec 24, 2008 2:38 PM

I recently bought the Wolverine scanner from Costco on-line and find it a very fast scanner that produces a quality image. It replaces a POS scanner I bought from Hammacher Schlemmer that did a lousy job, was hard to operate, and finally broke. Of course I sent the carcass back to them.

What I like about the Wolverine is the speed, built-in memory card and LCD screen. Really stand-alone, no computer needed. I have tons of slides and 35 mm negatives that need to be archived. This scanner should do the trick.

LynnObie Jan 8, 2009 11:54 PM

My first impression of this scannerwas quite good when a friend showed me one he got from Costco. My next impression was that the 720kbscanned image file size was quite small if you want more than a 4x6 print (I could be wrong). When I looked the scanner up at Amazon, the product description calls for scanning negatives or slidesinto "5 mega pixel digital images in seconds". Some of the user reviews there pointed out this apparent discrepancy. Maybe a call to the Wolverine customer service could reveal how (if actually possible) to achieve the advertised larger scanned file size. I think the scanner has real potential but would personally want a scanned file size large enough to have more options.

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