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MrX8503 Dec 5, 2005 10:37 PM

I found a site that has really cheap ink, but i'm hesitant to buy from them. Anyone have any experience with this store?;compat=13526

Osage Dec 7, 2005 1:14 AM

I have no direct experience with that ink cartridge vendor. However their cartridges were reviewed on the nifty stuff forums and as I recall numerous complaints were made about the color balance of their ink cartridges.

For a alternate and equally cheap ink vendor I use, I recommend you check out another cartridge vendor also reviewed on the nifty stuff forums with good reviews on color balance. see multipage post by JV-- At least those folks also have a toll free telephon number and allow you to specify what you want. Its what in my printer now.

But don't take my word for it----google "nifty stuff forums" without the quotes. Lots of good ink vendors out there--its your money and your choice--get informed--why buy a pig in the poke when others have tried them before?

I should also mention that I use Canon printers, Epsons are a different animal and their ink cartridge should and do require differet ink blends to get close to 100%
Oem color balance.

websnail Dec 7, 2005 5:48 AM

MrX8503 wrote:

I found a site that has really cheap ink,
I can't comment on the store either but you have to ask yourself if perhaps the reason it's so cheap is because it's low quality...

I'd mirror Osage's suggestion and go hunt for some recommendations... No sense in risking your printer for something that may well cost you more in the long run (eg: clogged printer repairs) than some slightly more expensive but reliable carts.

MrX8503 Dec 7, 2005 10:18 PM

I think i'll be buying my ink from but i'll check out that site.

Osage Dec 8, 2005 1:13 PM

I have seen good reviews of swiftink and a number of people are very happy with that vendor. One of their selling points is a stronger cartridge less prone to distortion. But the price can be up to three times that of other vendors that preform
as well.---price is not always the determining factor and you don't always get what you pay for.-----that and the fact some vendors more expensive than swift ink preform badly reinforces the idea that checking the experiences of other users helps you avoid being burned.

Another unmentioned factor is that many vendors will market in only limited areas with the USA having perhaps the best choices.------another reason to check out nifty stuff forums as they have threads on specialiatly markets such as European or Australian suppliers.

Another unmentioned factor is that many of these suppliers will change their ink vendors often. So you may get good results with one order and bad results with another order placed later.----or vise versa.----so having a relationship with the supplier and being informed about any changes helps.

Also, the photopaper used is another big variable to consider. Some inks may do great with one paper and poorly with another.

But once you get something that preforms well and gives acceptable economy, why change without a compelling reason?-------in the end you pays your money and makes your choice. The research you do prior to buying often elevates that from a mere gamble to a near certainty in terms of being a happy camper.

MrX8503 Dec 8, 2005 2:58 PM

THanks for the help on choosing an ink supplier. I read the thread about bulkink on nifty forums and they seem to be reliable.

Also they said that they used to get inks from different manufacturers and now they only get from only 1 manufacturer, which gives me consistency.

sasc Apr 23, 2006 1:24 PM

Ive been buying from Abacus for several years. Their customer service is good and product works fine.

Osage Apr 24, 2006 2:00 PM

To Sasc,

If you are happy with abacus, that is all that matters.

But I still will make some points about the general third party prefilled artridge market--which is a
very robust market filled with many players.

1. The worst case senario is that you get a bum cartridge or inks that damages your printer.Its also worth pointing out some OEM cartridges are defective also. But in my opinion, on can usually relie on third party cartridges to function reliably--especially those that have been in business for some time and when one can find
multiple favorable reviews of a given vendor.--------so checking out your vendor totally debunks the myth that third party vendors will increase the risk of printer damage.

2. By in large, and again in my personal opinion, only the very color sensative photoprinting types will notice slight color balance incompatabilities--which may well become critical in photoprinting---but are largely non-issues in the general printing area. So if you are just trying to drive down costs in the general printing area,
buying by price considerations becomes the criteria.---but even then, one can find vendors the offer both low price and very close to OEM color balance. In short price is not a good predictor in the third party prefilled cartridge markets.--------so looking at reviews of users experiences here and on the nifty stuff forums is very useful.

3. In my opinion, customer service are critical issues in selecting a vendor--so sasc is spot on in making that point. I make it a habit to check out any vendor I am considering.--will they respond to email questions before you buy?----its a great way to proceed----start out with a short list of vendors you are considering----and remove all that don't respond promptly or intelligently. Another point to make about mail order vendors--to get savings you have to order in bulk---the cost of shipping on a singe cartridge usually eats all savings.

4. Many inkjet printer makers are now seeming dedicated to forcing the third party prefilled marketers out of business-----by using various chipping schemes on their cartridges. We as consumers can only fight this trend by learning about ways to defeat those schemes. The profit manufacters make on their OEM ink sold in the form of OEM cartridges is totally obscene. I have done some costing on Canon cartridges on the BCI-3& 6 cartridges.
I get a cost of $2600 per gallon of using ink for teh large text black and $4300 per gallon when sold in the form of
BCI-6 cartridges. And Canon ends up cheap when compared to almost any other printer maker---where ink cost
can easily exceed $10,000 per gallon of usable ink. Yet OEM ink costs the maker way under $100/gallon to make, top quality ink can be purchased retail at under a $100.--and certainly under $200/gallon retail when purchased in fairly small four ounce lots. Note also that I use the gallon unit---which will convert into any other unit----and one is still left with that same ratio.-------and same shameless profit margin.

5. I am now refilling my own cartridges----I can get a better ink for less money-----and I find refilling very easy in a Canon.----but for HP or Lexmark users---refilling would be even more compelling-----because no huge savings really exist by buying remanufactered cartridges----figure no more than 2x or maybe 3x over OEM cartridges--with the costs rising due to shipping and handling the empty cartridge at both ends of the marketing process. Compared to virgin ink tanks for epsons and Canons that can save up to 7x over Oem cartridges.
But refilling does involve some learning curves-----and the same check out your ink vendor well cautions. For the person willing to go to this and other forums---the savings can be huge. For a Canon users, it may be capped at about 43x, I can see HP and Lexmark users savings at a much highr savings factor

acoustictherapy Sep 8, 2011 1:38 PM

Abacus 24-7 Private Store
I've worked with them for years and have found them to be totally professional, and usually the best prices on the Net. Their biggest "plus," IMHO, is incredibly fast shipping.

I'd say you can go with them without any hesitation. :)

acoustictherapy Nov 15, 2012 9:21 AM

Abacus Private Store
I've worked with these folks for years and have nothing but good things to say about them. They don't always have the absolute cheapest prices but they're always competitive and their customer support is top-tier. I would definitely recommend including them in your ink shopping :D

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