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slipe wrote:
The reason I refill over buying the cartridges already filled is for ink quality. The inks I trust charge a lot more than that for filled cartridges and it is cheaper to get good ink filling yourself.
That's what I thought. Ink quality does vary a lot.

I have a home printer just for personal use. I don't use or need it for work or business which is why how close the colors are to OEM color ink is not significant to me. If I need to print photos, it's a lot more convenient (and cost effective too)to just send them out to be done by a color processing lab.

All my work-related printing (posters, etc.) are done at work with a color laser printer or a plotter. I'm so thankful for that!
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to Maru,

Who asked what is the advatage of refilling over using prefilled third party cartridges? You went on to quote a $1.39 price for a black text cartridge and $30.00
for eight ounces of refill ink.---short answer---at those prices you are better off going prefilled.

But you have some errors I wish to point out---first, you probably get more like 25 ml in a 3'rd party cartridge---and of the 25 ml, about 7 ml is still in the sponge when you hit low ink---and if you push it you might get another ml out at risk of damaging the printhead.---so the refiller only has to inject about 18 more cc's of ink to get to a full cartridge point.---and gets more like 13 refills instead of 8 out of that 8 ounce bottle.

But the real whopper is paying $30.00 for eight ounces of refill ink---while I am not saying you can't find a vendor who will happily sell you refill ink at that price, top quality refill ink in any color can be found for about $85.00/gallon in bulk---maybe twice that in smaller quanities like 4 and 8 ounce bottles---but accepting that figure of $85.00---that would translate into $5.31 per 8 ounces.----and to do it in ML's the $85.00 a gallon ink costs 2.24 cents per ml. ---and you are paying 7.72 cents per ML usable ink ml when you buy that $1.39 cartridge.

But cheer up---when you buy that Canon OEM cartridge---you are paying about
70 cents per usuable ML. The figures are much more impressive with the BCI-6 cartridges---where Canon is charging more like $4300 per usable gallon of ink in the form of BCI-6 cartridges.

And thats cheap compared to many other OEM cartrdiges where the figure often exceeds 10 grand or more a gallon of usable ink when vended in the form of OEM cartridges.

See what I meant about having fun with those numbers. But only the high usage folks really save enough by refilling--mainly the folks who do alot of photoprinting.
Will you save enough to make the muss and fuss refilling worth it when you are happy with the third party cartridges you use?--probably not but you decide.
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Default pixma 4000 refill

i did my 1st cart refill on the ip4000 today.
1. got the YELLOW cart outa the printer, as it was empty.
2. i have some of the very aggesive ALUMINUM TAPE.
3. put a piece of it on the round ink-out on the bottom of the tank.
4. peeled the tape on top back, printed on tape PUSH.
5. looking down at the top of this tank, there is an arrow indent, pointing toward the PUSH yellow button.
6.if you look at the BACK OF THAT ARROW, you will see a small circle indent. this is located above the ink tank.
7. got out the dremel, and a 1/16th inch drill bit.
8. drilled hole in that small indent.
9. got syringe with some yellow ink in it, inserted syringe so needle was near bottom and pushed ink into tank cavity.
10. this was immediately taken into the sponge side.
11. filled reservoir tank till it was 1/2-3/4 on an inch from top.
12. cut a strip of the ALUMINUM TAPE as wide as the top of the tank.
13. applied tape to top of tank, took fingernail and made sure of a seal over the indented circle, where i drilled hole.
14. took cart to printer, got the carriage in place to install tank, THEN REMOVED TAPE FROM ROUND INK OUT PORT, and quickly placed cart into slot.
15. i went into a graphic program, made a large square, 6 inch X 6 inch, filled it with yellow color. also pulled up a couple graphics of yellow and grren easter lilly's, hit print and it worked perfectly.
16. went into printer info.....and it read that the yellow ink was 100% full.
you can buy that aluminum tape in home depot/lowes . when i lived up north we used to patch rust holes in car bodies with that tape)))))

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Hi! I just refilled a cartridge in my Pixma iP4000 and discovered a neat way to tighten the hole where I injected the ink. Over here in Europe there are gluing patches (or what you may call them) from Uhu called Patafix. They are like square pieces of chewed chewing gum and stick to almost anything. Used, e.g., to glue something on the wall. Soft but not liquid. They can easily be cut to size. I pressed one in and taped over it, and it was perfect! It will be easy to pick it out when I need to refill again. If you don't have such a thing where you live, you may try chewing gum, after chewing it soft.
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