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I just bought a K550 and i'm looking for a good CIS system.

Could you guys recomend me good CIS system for K550 ?

Thank You,
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I saw this at staples and I was going to purchase it but decided I better do some research on it. After it, I didn't purchase it. What made ya want to purchase this printer?

Here is the link for the CIS sytem you were asking for: http://www.echostore.com/continuous-...stem-k550.html
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We have just released our CISS for the K550 printers. We have been holding off on the HP series until we could source high grade inks, particularly pigment BLK which we released with our K550. Feel free to visit our site www.rihac.com.au for further or email us direct at [email protected]


Sam Cahir

RIHAC Digital Solutions Australia
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I have had the HP Officejet Pro K550 for about a year now. I absolutleyADORE this printer.

It prints 4 pages in the time it takes my deskjet to print one... The print quality is more than adequte in "normal" mode for reports, and even in draft mode it spits out photo proofs lickety split (for layout and proofreading.)

I have been buying the large capacity cartridges and stumbled across your 'question' while researching CIS for this and my Epson R1800. I am still leary of the CIS systems... but I am most happy with my K550.

I was fortunate to come by mine rather by accident- a local business had purchased it and it was factory defective- so they bought something else and gave this one away on Freecycle. I was the "lucky recipient" thinking maybe it was a simple fix (like perhaps she hadn't removed the tape from the new ink cartridges)- but after a couple hours on HP live chat for assistance, they determined it was indeed defective and sent me a replacement.

I am a home user and each December I print about 1000 color pages and as many black and white pages for custom calendars I laminate and bind- and this year it was a dream with this printer. 25 pages would be done printing before I was done with the layout for the following month. In the past I could layout several months before my old printer(s) would finish a set.

I am not clear what negatives your research uncovered with this printer, but I am more than happy with mine, and I have found HP's live chat help to be top notch every time I have used it. (not just with this experience.)


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ive been using Uni-Kit brand CISS for years, i just bought the K550 a few months ago and i bought the Uni-Kit continuous ink system, it works great, cant tell the difference with the originals. they sell this brand on many websites, such as: http://www.123refills.net/cic/produc...id=cis-hp-k550
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£30 of ebay.co.uk including postage

i have a designjet large format printer running a cis system and savings are huge, couldnt even have 2 carts refilled for the price of the system

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I've started playing with a system from inkbags.com after someone clued me in on the way the K550 and similar printers work.

Short version is that there's a rubber bulb in the base of the cartridges and a pump or shunt in the printer which pushes against the bulb to pump ink into the cartridge. This means that the printer breaks all the rules of other CIS kits like Canons, etc... because it actively requires positive pressure. Do that in a Canon or Epson and you get one unholy mess (trust me I've tried it).

Anyways, the inkbags system uses a bag and a remanufactured HP original cartridge which simply feeds the cartridge through the original feed hole. Works like an absolute charm and uses the original HP system.

Granted it's still very early days but I've built a similar system myself using OEM carts and some bottles with dip tubes (sat on top of the printer) and it's working brilliantly.

My experience with at least two different eBay refillable cartridge type systems was not so pleasant though with leaking, poorly manufactured cartridges that were designed to completely side step the pumping system and thus as they cartridges emptied the system started pulling harder managed to pull air instead of ink into the printhead (the HP88 heads hold about 4ml of ink) and from there on in it was game over with a knackered head.

That's just two systems in 3 different printers but speaking for myself I've found the inkbag approach a heck of a lot more suitable, albeit relatively expensive and you are more tied in as the bags aren't refillable (unless you're really technically minded ).

Last point... I've yet to find a set of autoreset chips for the HP88 cartridges that actually resets automatically without requiring the printer to be turned off or the cartridge removed and then re-inserted. The absolute worst set of chips I came across wouldn't ever reset until the chip counter decided it was 100% empty so you couldn't even anticipate with 5 or 10% left and do a reset before you printed the next job. That was not fun.
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please visit our website www.cisshome.comand welcome your inquiry.
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