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I'm thinking of mothballing a Canon Pixma ip5200 printer because of the unacceptably high costs of its chipped cartridge system (PGI-5BK,CLI-8Y/C/M/BK).

Don't get me wrong; the printer itself is brilliant for what I want (duplex booklet printing with colour illustrations), in fact if anything, it's over-specced for what I need. A year earlier and I would have been more than ready to settle for an ip5000 or even ip4000 (2004 pixma vintages), and I fancy my chances of getting one of these now at a reasonable price.

This would give me the functionality I need and if the output would be a little less fast it is still fast and if colour would be a little less good it is still good - and I then get the most important thing I don't have right now: problem-free sub £20 inkset replacement (BCI-3/5BK,BCI-3/5/6/8Y/C/M/BK). Moreover, if that will keep going for another 12 months before I have to get the 5200 out of mothballs, perhaps the inkset problem will be cheaper to solve by then.

So my question is how to mothball a used Pixma print head. Does ink have to be cleaned out of it? If so, how? How, for example, would you prepare an ip5200 for sale on ebay? If I just unplug everything and pack the printer up in the box, will it work as well if I get it out again a year from now, or will it be gummed up with dried ink?

My old HP5650 printer used to have a set of hardware eprom commands you could turn on by using the On/off-Resume-PaperSelect switches in a variety of combinations to initiate various printer tests and status resets. If the Pixma printers have the same type of arrangement I don't suppose that Canon were unwise enough to leave an ink-level reset command in there, but maybe there's a head cleaner command that can be used?

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