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Bottom line---you can't buy OEM ink from any of the printer manufacters
unless you buy in the form of OEM cartridges.---the money grubbers by company policy simply won't sell it as just ink.

And if you cost that OEM price out to some arbitrary unit--I am picking a US gallon.
That cost ends up being $2500 for a low all the way up to well over $10,000 a gallon
for usable ink vended in the form of OEM cartridges.

But I can get top quality third party ink for less than $100. a gallon RETAIL. Its more like $150-200 retail when vended in more usuable quanities of 4-8 ounces.

Nor is that great a disparity in pricing for a cheap no brand ink and a top quality ink.
So for a short answer for the refiller---buy from MIS, formulalabs, or hobbicolors and be done with it. You get a very good ink that won't cause printer problems, excellent color balance, and you know you are not getting an unknown pig in the poke.

For those that want to buy third party prefilled cartridges---you can find vendors that use formulalabs and MIS inks. But your savings over OEM will seldom exceed a factor of 4X.
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