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I'm looking into buying a new printer and I waspretty confident it was either gonna be Canon MP510 or MP600.

Now I have a few doubts, I'd appreciate if someone was willingto help mewith...

First off, I'd like to know weather or not the forementioned MPs have CD/DVD print cappabilities (their predecessor MP500 had it)?!?Also, I'm looking to find out if there are CISS systems that someone here has in fact sucessfully usedwith their MP510 (I found some advertised as such on eBay - but no installation instructions such as the ones youcan download for allRIHAC CISSs)? I founda CISS on RIHAC site for the MP600 (along with a pdf explaining installation), and I'm ok with buying MP600 (if it can do CD/DVD print), andthe RIHACCISS also... Although I'dbuy the somewhat cheaper MP510 ifit can do CD/DVD print and has a CISS that I can buy forit...

So to recap what I'm looking for in my new printer: I need it to be able to mount a CISS (no.1 requirement), have a decent AIO quality (scan/copy/print), and to be able to print onto CD/DVDs... So, which one to buy please?!


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Just found your post and wanted to try to give you some advice. Firstly we do cover the MP510 printer and would be happy to forward you our install manual for the MP510. My suggestion to all our clients is to go Epson where possible. The reason for this is that Epson printers use an electronic print head system rather than a thermal style like the Canon. The Electronic print head will last far longer than the thermal style and are far more reliable. In terms of CISS systems Epson are far better as the besign of the print head means a probe inserts into the cartridge rather than the use of a wet sponge like the Canon. Also no chip changing is required as we already have auto reset chips for the Epson. My recommendation is the RX650 Epson (Scan/Copy/DVD print). They are a little more expensive but offer better print results (6 inks rather than 4 colours - so wider gammut), The only downside to Epson electronic print heads is the fact that they are half the speed of the Canon.

If you are stuck on Canon I would certainly recommend the MP600 over the MP510. The scanner is better and overall the extra money is worth it.


Sam Cahir

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