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There appears to be a bug in some Canon print drivers. I have actually encountered it only when printing to the iP6700D on a Macintosh from Photoshop CS2 using either "Let Photoshop Determine Colors" or "No Color Management." But it is lilkely this bug can affect print drivers for other Canon printers as well.

The nature of the bug is that the first print in a print session that requests no color management is nevertheless color managed using the Canon profile for the selected paper type, the same as if you had selected "Let Printer Determine Color." This affects only the first print in a session; thereafter the print driver sets itself correctly and uses the "Generic RGB profile" appropriate to None for color correction.

I do not know if this problem also affects the print driver in Windows, and I do not know if it arises when using software other than Photoshop CS2. In any event, it will only arise if one is using software capable of sourcing its own profiles or requesting no color management.

I also don't know if this is a bug only in the Canon print driver, or whether it is a bug in its interaction with the System or with Photoshop CS2. In any event, something can go awry with the behavior of the print driver.

By a "first print in a print session" I mean: you have used another printer (say your Laserwriter) and then you go into CS2 and start printing to the iP6700D. That is a "new session." Once the driver is working correctly, as long as you don't use any other printer, it will continue to do so.

I don't know how many people this will affected by this problem, but I can give more details as well as a work-around if there is interest. I would be interested in knowing if others have encountered a similar problem. Of particular interest is whether it occurs with other Canon printers, with platforms other than Macintosh, and with printer software other than CS2.
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