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At the end of the day, I can buy a fairly good BCI-6 cartridge for a $1.39.
Maybe not as good as the OEM Canon cartridge at $12.00, but very close.
Since the $1.39 vendor is making a profit and so is the supplier, we get a picture of about what it costs Canon to make an OEM cartridge.

And have to ask why Canon is ripping us off.

And we also start to understand why Canon is pulling this chip stunt.
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jamey15 wrote:
Hi, I have used Canon printers for approx FIVE years. DO NOT use anything but Canon ink. It may be a little more but it will NOT screw up your print head. Compatable ink WILL clog. Try atlex.com, they have very goodprices for real Canon ink..Jim
jamey15 is exactly right IMHO with a few exceptions. I have been printing photos & Web and print graphics at home since 1997 on Epsons, Canons & HP DeskJets. I have abandonded refills and 'compatible' inks for the reasons jamey has stated.

Exceptions: I kept my 1997 Epson Stylus Color 600 on my home networked computers to produce hardcopy drafts/tutorials—I've taken it apart and cleaned it four times just to have it for these limited purposes—thats it. Refills are false economy and without excetion the inks are diluted and not suited for anything except rough drafts, certainly not for graphics or photos.

Epson, Canon & all the other printer makers make their money not on the printers themselves, but on the consumables—ink—but, if you don't want to create problems with your printer and if you want those printed photos to look good for more than a few years, your bound to use not only your printers brand ofink, but their photo paper as well, as the ink and paper are formulated to work together.

By all means, check around for the best price on ink and paper for your printer, but stick with the brand—it's the right thing to do...


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Irefill my Canon cartridges. But I learned a lesson. I actually ruined the printhead (clogged) at the 12+ month mark, but Canon was nice enough to extend their warranty and covered a new printhead replacement on my S820.

I had picked up a bad habit:

1. I'd refill 2 - 3 'low' cartridges - since I was refilling an empty one. Made the mistake of pullingthe low cartridges out at the same time to fill them. I could easily fill and replace 3 cartridges in under 5 minutes. But I think this allowed the printhead to dry too much.

I really believe that the retail ink does have cleaning properties not in replacement ink.

So now I have a 2 refill cycle happening and it works great.

First time = original retail ink, second time = refill ink - but it mixes with the remaining retail ink, third time = refill ink... and then I throw it awy and replace it with another retail.

And I will only refill one at a time.

This printhead has been going great for 2 years now, and I'd say that I'm printing only about125 photos per month.

And fwiw I buy my retail ink off of ebay.
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