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Default Inkjet Fading

I thought I would throw this question out to the community and see what everyone thinks out there on the above subject. Most tests done to determine fade for inkjets are done with acclerated testing to simulate the effects of light on a print. Although light is the chief component of fade, air containmation can be just as destructive. So what would the groups thoughts be on photo storage. I use Red River papers for about 3/4 of my work and Canon PPP for the other 1/4. Now if fading tests show that a certain paper will say get 5 years before fading occurs that is for a print out in the open and affected by light. But most of us either store our prints (I hope anyway) behind glass (UV glass would be best) or in albums (dark storage). So what are we to make about print life then? In albums the photos are out of the light (so that eliminates the UV factor) and if they are behind acid free sheets they should be for the most part be protected from the outside enriroment (air containmation), espically with the album closed. Has anyone everseen any testing done on dark storage conditions for inkjet prints. If stored this way could we expect say 15-25 years of life from a print (which would not be bad for an inkjet print)? Although this would not rival the pigment inks of Epson nor the new HP printer/paper combination that claims 73 years, it would still be very decent print life. Thoughts????

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I am not sure how you can emulate dark storage. Light can be emulated by increasing the power of the light source to represent more time exposure. I do believe that with the current inkjet printers and inks that fading may be a problem of the past.
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