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i thought about getting the jlwsales ink from ebay. what are your sources to say there stuff is dangerous. please provide some details, otherwise, it appears you are slandering this company with the only evidence being somebody on some forum said the stuff smelled. I'll need more evidence than that.
I read that post, too, the poster said it smelled of ammonia -- which seems an unlikely constituent, considering that the best thing I've found for unclogging balky Epson print heads is just that (also used to use it on Siemens inkjets many years before that -- they clogged if you looked sideways at them...)

In common with Slipe, I've been refilling cartridges for well over a decade -- right back to the original Epson Color, which came out in the early '90's, and have never noticed much odor at all (I just went to the store-room and checked a few bottles -- even in bulk it's hardly noticeable and the stuff I use for re-inking dot-matrix ribbons is more odorous.)

You might suffer some ill-effects if you drank the stuff, and it's a good idea to handle it with protective gloves, but I've had technicolor fingers many a time and it doesn't seem to do me any harm.

Also had a look at the CIS unit mentioned that's sold on Ebay, it gives the impression of being better engineered than most.

If it's still around when my trusty Color 900 karks it, I might even be tempted.

Incidentally, said Color 900, despite being only a CMYK unit and a few years old now, still produces very acceptable prints.

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I've heard about this too.

toxic or non-toxic, I am not quite sure. Lyson's article defintely gave us a good indicator.

I noticed people is complaining jlw's ink has serious odor at very beginning.

You can get used to it or use it in an open area.

according Lyson's, smelled ink can affect germ cell, I believe so, but not destroy you in a day, it's a long-term killing effectiveness
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