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Default Red River papers?

How do you choose between polar and premium matte? Between polar and ultrapro glossy?

Is there really much of a difference? Or should I just go with the cheaper?
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Default good question

i wondered that my self but i do think that red river has a sample pack of the polar paper you can try. It doesn't cost much and you can do your own test before spending big bucks
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RadOD and PhotoMenace

For RedRiver papers, the Polar papers appear to be one level below the Ultra Pro papers. I have the Photo Sample Kit Item #9996. I would recomend getting one of their kits, and see what paper prints from your printer the best. The kit is something like $10 US. My I9100 made good prints on both Polar and Ultra papers.

Another paper that I have had really good results from is the Pictorico Photo Gallery Glossy Paper. By what I have seen, this gave me the best prints out of all the papers I have tried, and yes, I have tried a lot of paper with this printer. This paper is not cheap, but it gives great prints.

I have also tried the Ilford Gallerie Classic Gloss and Pearl papers. They gave ok results, with the Pearl being the better of the two.

Kodak papers are really bad with this printer, I can not get them to print a good image. I have tried their settings, but it was a waste of good ink.

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I would also recommend Red River paper. It is the only paper I use now. The sample pack allows you try their wide variety of paper.
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Default Photo Sample Kit #9996

Based on the good comments on this forum, I ordered the Red River sampler. It arrived yesterday, very nicely packed, with the paper itself shrinkwrap sealed. The packette consists of 28 8.5x11 sheets, 2 each of 14 paper types. I haven't used the paper yet, but here are the weight, name, coated side(s), gsm (gremlins per square meter?) and thickness for the papers in the kit.

64 Polar Gloss 1 235 10
66 Polar Satin 1 235 10
68 UltraPro Gloss 1
62 UltraPro Satin 1
76 Polar Placid N-Surface 1 285 13
60 Polar Matte 1 225 10
47 Red River Premium Matte 1
76 Red River Premium Matte 1 285 14
50 Premium Matte 2 190 10
65 Red River Premium Matte 2 244 12
45 Zeppelin Semi-gloss 2
53 Red River Premium Gloss 1
55 Premium Gloss 2
55 Frio Gloss (Matte on Back) 2

Photo Sample Kit #9996 $7.99
Freight Charges $4.11
Total Cost $12.10


Red River Paper
PO Box 560145
Dallas, TX. 75356-0145
(214) 637-0029 FAX 214-637-0016

Toll Free 'Reorder' 1-888-248-8774
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