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I am learning about print head / ink / paper compatibility slowly, expensively. Unfortunately, when I get a bad print, I'm not sure if the ink doesn't like the paper (or vice versa), or maybe the printhead doesn't like the ink.

My canon printer just got back from the shop with a new printhead. The man at the shop said "chances are, if you put generic inks into this machine, we'll get to repair it again". He's not with Canon, I think he was being quite honest.

Now, I wonder about companies like Meritline that are big enough to have their own paper and inks....if you stayed with their products - Paper ANDInk, if that would work well.I sure respect Canon for their fine products over the decades, but they've always been expensive to use.

Since my printer just got back yesterday, I'm trying to decide which ink & paper combinations I can afford. I'm thinking of trying Meritline exclusively: their products seem to be pretty high quality, and far less expensive than oem. Theyseem to be a pretty big outfit. I can find their paper on the shelf at Frys, but not their ink - may have to get it from their website. (nice website)

Anybody using their ink & paper? Thanks one and all

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Frankly I'm a little surprised at comments that Canon inks are expensive. I've had HP inkjets for many years -- now that's expensive. In making the switch to the i960 I also investigated ink costs. Relative to HP, Canon is a bargain, and I don't think the higher cost of Canon oem ink vs. generic ink is unreasonable. I have tried a couple of generic inks for the HP printer that was not used for photographic printing. In that situation the black worked okay (but the print head is built into the cartriges so equipment risk is nominal). The color refills were not quite as good as HP oem, but for me they wereacceptable for nonphotograpic application. I cannot speak first-hand to the the use of generics for the i960 because I am not a high volume user - someone who prints enough to refill inka couple of times a month - and feel the Canon ink pricing is reasonable.From my perspectivewhy gamble with potential compromise in the quality of photos or risk to damaging print heads?

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HEY! Didn't even realize the huge thread here.

Please see my updated page regarding ink as of Sept 29, 2004 http://www.neilslade.com/paper/inkjetstuff.html

Glad to see most people are having the same excellent results with the affordable inks.

I an an EXTREMELY high volume printer-- and have been for two years, using both the Canon s900 (still working) and the i960 (bought a second yesterday for the future, my current one still works perfectly. Thousands of prints a year.

I've had bad experiences with Epson printers- see details on my page.

I've run my CHEAP ink tests a couple more times-- and I am thoroughly satisfied with the $2.50 Inkgrabber carts, or the MIS ink (bulk cost about $1 per cart refill)-- ALONE or IN COMBINATION with Canon ink.

No problem at all using MIS, Inkgrabber, ComputerFriends, or Colorbat ink (save the Colorbat magenta color- off slightly) NO CLOGGING difference from Canon.

Keep in mind that Canon printers have their own quirks (see my page) regardless of ink.

Most frequently the differences in ink Canon versus others is totally undetectable. Occassionaly depending on subject I my detect very subtle variation between ink colors, and most certainly nothing that would inhibit accurate prints. I have had no hesitation even in refilling a partially used cart- its that close.

The ONLY color I've ever noticed a problem with was with a Colorbat bulk Magenta, which was a bit too dark.

As it turns out, I was unhappy with the rendering of pure red objects UNTIL I switched to MIS and Inkgrabber magenta from Canon. The cheapo Inkgrabber Magenta gives me far more accurate reds that the Canon ever could.

I am using a very accurate calibrated Sony digital input 17" monitor as well.

I have NEVER had any increased clogging problems on my head as a result of using third party ink.

As far as fade resistance- I don't know-- none of this "photo ink" is as permanent as manufacturers claim unless you are hanging your print in a vault.

>GOOD< PRINTER SPECIFIC third party ink is BACK ENGINEERED- so it is going to be microscopically similar to the OEM ink. I've spoken to the engineers at MIS- these are not goofballs or rip off artists. GENERIC replacement ink- i.e. one kind of ink supposedly for ALL inkjet printers- the stuff you get off the shelf at Office Depot-- that's something entirely different, and I DO NO RECOMMEND THAT KIND OF STUFF.

I have not used Tyler Martin Ink, and cannot say what group these people fall into. The ink brands I've used long term (2 years) have been MIS (USA), Computer Friends, and Inkgrabber.com (Chinese) Don't assume the Chinese stuff is bad-- retested yesterday, it was great-- and again, better red rendering than Canon.

I use exclusively Epson Glossy Photo Paper - 120 sheets at Costco for $19.95. Ilford Gallery paper can be had at Sam's club for about the same price. I've received an outstanding review of Costco's own Kirkland paper, which is posted on my web site as well.


Please send any personal ink and paper reviews to me to keep my info current.

Neil Slade

And don't forget the BRAIN pages in my site!
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I'm curious about the generic ink tests as well. I've been using ink from voltexx and have not been at all happy with the results. I've read that Canon compatible ink can fry the printhead. Is that because of a chemical in the ink or simply that the non genuine ink tends to clog the printhead? And as far as the comments that Canon ink is cheap, that's not true at all. 12.95 per cartridge x 6 = over 73 dollars for a full set. compare that to some of the generics listed at $3 or lower per cartridge. If there is a cartridge that provides the same print quality this is a no brainer. Of course if generics cause you to go through a printhead every 6 months, it doesn't make a lot of sense. Also... does anyone know if the Canon orginals actually yield more prints?
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