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Before AD 9950 (Acquisition Date) I cared nothing about cartridges, buying the cheapest available for a cheap printer. Now I find myself in a different position with an expensive printer, and would welcome advice.

Should I stick with Canon inks, or are generic cartridges just as good at half the price? Are generic cartridges likely to clog the fine nozzles and leave me buying a new print head, thereby creating false economy. Do they last as long too?

I am coming to the end of my first set of cartridges and have already replaced the cyan and blue, so I am sure that some of you out there have advice to give, whether from good experience or bitter memories of a depleted bank balance.

Looking forward to your comments
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I have the i9900 as well. I would reccomend canon cartridges. Will generics clog the print heads, probally not. will you notice a different in fading, I doubt it. But the reason I say use canonis because at 11.99 a cartridge its one of the cheapest on the market. YEs I agree there are 7 or 8 of them, butso far on myprinter theyare still at full after numerous 13 by 19's. Plus you get piece of mind withusing canon products and you dont have to worry about what the generic ink is doing. IF you can spend over 500 on a high quality printer you can spend a few extra bucks onnamebrand ink. To me its worth5 extra bucks, as the cheapest I saw a piece was 4.99. Plus I dont know if the generics have the clear plastic casing to see how much ink you REALLY have left, or even how much ink you originally paid for.

Just my take

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As an inkjet manufacturer let me say that genuine is usually the best, BUT, if you need to save on lots of general printing, with some photos thrown in, then go for generic with the following proviso. Don't mix inks in the same cart.

All the Canon carts (Ink tanks) can be flushed out to remove any residue, then refilled with fresh ink. The Canon Black ink tanks contain a pigment based ink which must be rsmoved before any refill of Dye based ink, (photo ink).:|
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I've been using "USA" brand cartridges in my Epson 1280 and 925. They cost less than $7 each for a 5-color cartridge at http://www.tylermartin.com . I've found that they are as good or better than the Epson brand cartridges. Not only are they of great quality, they are made in the USA, not Mexico like the Epson brand. Give them a try. It's certainly not going to cost you much. ...John
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You should give this link a look http://www.neilslade.com/Papers/inkjetstuff2.html

Site has a lot of information for injet printers.
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