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I've been searching for some decent photo quality postcard stock. I know Avery has "Ink jet post cards" but it's just paper, and not even that thick to boot. All I've found is more of the same.

I'm looking for something with a decent weight that I can print a good photo on one side and print text on the other. Most photo paper isn't printable on the back side. (at least that I've seen)

Anyone have any suggestions?

I don't have a printer yet...I'm waiting to answer the paper question before I get a printer.

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Kodak has been making quite a bit of different paper that can be printed on both sides. I dont have the part # handy, but I have some kodak semi-gloss for 4x6 prints that is actually 4x6 1/2" that could work for that. Doesnt workgreat in my Epson printer but since you dont have a printer yet you could find out what it does work well with.

Alot of online places offer greeting card packages too.

Thanks for the idea, I was wondering what to do with that paper, although I dont like the prints for framing and stuff, it would probably be just fine for cards!!
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Have you checked out Red River Paper, http://www.redrivercatalog.com/? They have some double sided papers. I like their 68lb Frio Gloss for greeting cards. The 55lb Frio Gloss is certainly not card stock but it is reasonably stiff and has a matte back that is nice.

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I'm using Red River Polar Placid to make greeting cards that are BEAUTIFUL! This is heavy paper at 76lb / 13mil, and has a semi-mat finish. It looks and feels like a high end greeting card. It comes pre-scored in several sizes and they sell matching envolopes and boxes.

They also have other products that are very nice and little less costly.

Tech support is good and they are just good people to deal with. Web site has some profiles, and lots of printing instuctions.


I'm using: Canon i9100 w/ Canon Ink, Photoshop Elements 2.x, Canon S50.
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We are a manufacturer of Laser PostCards that print both sides of the card at one time. With a simple, patented fold and affix to form the card. The paper is not your typical photo paper, but with the new color lasers and high quality inkjets the pic is very good. Remember too that sharing though the mail, the PostCard is going to take some abuse anyway.

I would be more than happy to send you some freesamples. Send me an email at [email protected].

Charles Campbell

LaserSubstrates, Inc.


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