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I have just recieved my Canon i9900 and plan on using Epson Premium Luster Photo Paper. I would like any feed back on which driver setting for Media Type works best with this paper.I have tried this paper on a HP 8450 printer and a Epson R300 at CompUSA and they looked great. Any input would be great.


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I use this paper exclusivly and think the results are great. Here are the settings I use:

Media: photo paper pro
Print qual: high
Color adj: Manual
cyan: 0
Magenta: -10
Yellow: -20
Black: 5
Intensity: 0
Enable ICM: Off
Print type: photo
Brightness: Normal
All other setting are OFF, like Vivid photo, Image opt, etc.

Let me know how that works out for you.

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Old Mar 15, 2005, 5:07 PM   #3
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hi, dervical. i used your settings for my i9100 and epson premium luster paper, and it worked fine. thanks a lot for posting this solution. so many of us photographers feel like, " i've got it now, forget the rest of them." again, thanks, boyd.
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I like to go to print quality and set it on manual. then set quality on fine and press the diffusion button. if this is not right please let me know. the manual is not very clear on the i9900 but it is an amazing printer. andy :|
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I just recently got the i9900 also and love the Premium Luster Paper by Epson. It beats the Canon Pro Paper easily (I hate high gloss anyway). For the settings I just use 'glossy photo paper' for the media type withhighest resolution - great results. I just tried the Epson Enhanced Matte with 'matte photo paper' as the media type and highest resolution but the colours are no where near so saturated as on the Luster. Any suggestions where I can get the correct settings for the Epson enhanced matte?

BTW, has anyone noticed the odour that the Canon ink gives off on the Epson paper?


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I've never posted on any website before, so be forgiving if I make a mistake or commit a faux pas or two.

I bought an i9900 a couple of months ago, along with a whole new computer system which I've set up to be calibrated/colormatched/etc. all the way across the board from scan to print. I printed my first b/w photos a month ago (on Epson Premium Lustre, inRGB mode because greyscale prints have severe color cast), and they looked fantastic (neutral grays, etc.)--after that week's class critique, I put them away in a portfolio box. Just now, I pulled out the prints for the first time in 3 weeks, and the midtones in all of the prints have turned an instantly noticeable, vivid yellow. I started looking at some of the earliest color prints I made, and wherever there was once a neutral midtone, it's yellow. Has no one else had this problem?


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There's a lot to be said for matching paper and inks. Even though your initial prints may look fine, it is how they look months or years down the road. Epson had a problem a few years backwith the cyan inks being degraded by ozone or other airborne contaminents and then the photo took on a decidely orange tone, especially people. They came out with about four different formulations of their Premium Gloss Photo Paper in less than a year to try to correct the problem.

The printer companies do a lot of in-house research to make their papers and inks work optimally together, both for color and longevity. I never mix papers from one printer company to another with the exception of Epson double-weight matte which seems to work with just about every printer. Glossy and semi-glosspaper is designed to absorb the ink in layers and retain its gloss look and needless to say, there is a big difference in the inks made for thespecific printheadsused byCanon and Epson.

This is all FYI - good luck and happy printing!
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