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Hi everyone,

I'm having problems to get to print my photo's the way as they are on my PC

If i print out the original the print is kinda ok (minor difference)

But when i retouched the photo in for sample Photoshop i get a differend print as on my screen like to yellow, to red etc

Now i noticed that i can select color profiles like Caonon i990 4 differend ones but all turn out to yellow even on screen then.

I can also find color profiles for Canon EOS but i have a Canon Powershot Pro1.

Does anyone have a idea what colorprofile i have to use in all my programs and if there is one for my Powershot Pro1 maybe that could solve it aswell.

Here what i do in short:

Photo token with Canon Powershot Pro1 retouched in Photoshop printed with Canon easy photo print on a Canon i990 with original Canon inkt and Photo Paper Pro PR-101 paper

Any help advies is verry verry welcome cause i can't get a answer from canon that could solve my problem at this time.

Thanks in advanced,

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Unless your monitor has been properly calibrated you are the computerized version of the dog chasing its own tail. Sorry but I hear this time and again from folks who think the printer isn't working right because the colors don't match the screen. And this is almost always after they have "adjusted" the photo so it looks good on their screen. Make the investment in a color calibrator, they are fairly affordable now and are the only way to insure that the monitor is showing the right colors and gamma.


This is the link to the Pantone Color Spyder - it's a $99 hardware and software monitor calibrator for Windows users. It's simple and works with both CRT and LCD type monitors.

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Hi Steve,

Thanks for your reply.

I calibrated my screen on several ways as they where explained to me.

Also did'nt say printer did'nt work I'm desperated trying to find a solution to my problem.

I had'nt thought of purchasing something yet cause i have spended several thousands on canon items in the past months so theres a limit somewhere

Atm i'm using Adobe RGB (1998) whats fairly ok but not as good as it needs to be. iguess i have to spend some extra for a calibration tool.

I'll go to shop tomorow and see if they have it here aswell.

Canon support told me i should use the color profiles submitted with the products but thats a no go.

When using the ones from my printer all turns out yellow and sadly enough my list is full of EOS color profiles but 0 of my powershot was kinda hopping there would be one cause then my pc and prints could have been exact as my camera maybe.

Anyway thanks for your fast reply and will pay the shop a visit tomorow

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