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Thanks for that info. I will give it a try and keep you posted
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I have a Canon i9900, I refill my cartridges with bulk ink from the following suppliers MIS, Atlas Copy and kbay 2002 http://search.ebay.com/_Printer-Supp...QsassZkbay2002

It dosn't matter what ink or paper combination is in my printer I use Profile Prism to profile my inks/paper for each combination. I have created about 50 profiles for four(4) printers. My prints are right on 99.9% of the time without having to experiment with the combinations. I don't waste ink or paper trying different settings. I know that what you folks are doing takes a lot of time and sometimes gets very frustrating.

Profile Prism http://ddisoftware.com

It's only $79.00 but it requires a decent scanner to use.

To profile a printer it only takes a few minutes, however the printer target you have to scan sould dry for at least one hour or more to allow for color shifts while the ink is drying.
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I have the 9900 and use only canon ink. I would only use canon ink. From all the posts concerning generic Ink I cannnot understand how it is worth all the hassle. The cartridges are like around 8-9 bucks at staples and after adjusting all the settings and wasting paper I have a hard time believing its worth it. Canon , Hp and all these printer companies spend millions of dollars on developing these inks with special pigments. One reason why is to elliminate reproduction of their ink. I have had the printer since last summer and have only had to replace about a set of them once, as I find it to be awesome on ink conservation. I feel as though if your going to spend 500 bucks on a quality printer you might as well get the proper ink that goes with it, the same ink canon spends millions of dollars on developing. How much can you possibly save on one cartridge 6-7 bucks at most? It does add up but to me its not worth it. .................just my opinion no one take offense.............

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Timothy, check out this article: http://www.neilslade.com/Papers/inktest.html.
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You folks might wan to check out this forum, has some intresting information. http://www.nifty-stuff.com/forum/
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