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Hello - I just bought a Canon IP6000D printer, and also 100 sheets of Epson premium photo paper to go with it. But on the back of the paper it lists only Epson inkjet printers which are compatible with the paper, and nothing about using it with other inkjet printers. It was a good deal at $17.99 for 100 sheets, and is 10mil thick, which is thicker than the 8mil paper which seems to be common. So I would like to use it. But I was wondering-is it OK to use the Epson paper in my Canon printer?

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There is a slight chance that you may have a feeding problem due to the increased bulk. Its only 2/1000' but some printers are a little touchy.

The more important aspect is that each manufacturer goes to great pains to make their inks and paper compatable.

The ink formula and the composition of the paper structure are designed to give the maximum results. This is how they maintain their hold on you for continuing sales of the supplies.

There are independant paper manufacturers who do quite wel in getting great results. Paint Creek paper is a good place to start. The thickness is just one of the elements that goes into paper construction.

Why go into expensive creation of a shot and then skimp on the final output just because you saved a few lousy dollars. The rationale escapes me.

bottom line - try a sheet !
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Printers tend to be finnicky on paper type for photos. I have not tried Epson Photo Paper in a Canon printer to see how bad (or good) it is. Chances are, you'll need to tweak the printer settings in order to get accurate colors.

I did find one post where someone tried Epson Premium Glossy Photo Paper in the Pixma iP4000. They indicated that setting the Paper Type to Canon Photo Paper Plus Glossy worked best.

We have a dedicated forum for Ink Jet - Inks and Paper. So, I'll move this thread there, where you may get some responses if anyone's tried this Epson Paper inyour printer before.

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I use Epson Heavyweight Matte and Premium Glossy Photo Paper in my Canon i9100 with no problems. Only paper that hasn't worked in this printer is Office Max's photo gloss family. They print fine, but the ink just doesn't dry, making the paper worthless. This paper works good in my old Epson 850, however.
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Thanks very much - you guys are great!

Merry Christmas
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