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Run,drive hop, or bike to a Dollaram store if you are in Canada and grab as much of this paper that you can afford! I bought 40 dollard worth which equals 400 sheets of this fine paper. This is the best off brand paper I have ever used.The colour is spot on it water resistant no streaking when printing. I have both epson and canon printers and it work equally well in both.

Ps you may find this paper in the US or other countries.
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I picked up a few packs of the Likon's and for $1 for 20 I can't complain. However, if I look really close at the printed photo on the Likon, I can see some ridges of ink on the page. This isn't that noticeable if you are looking at the photo from a distance but if you hand it to someone, they will most likely notice it...
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Hi, just bought Likon photos paper at dollarama.

Cannot complain, It's really amazing! Try it!
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I picked up a package of this photo paper at the Dollar Store the other day and one of my co-workers and I did a comparison. We printed off pictures with the Likon paper, and then with the Staples brand of Premium and Professional paper.

The Likon is heaver than the Staples Premium (225g vs 210g), but one thing we noticed on the comparisons is that if you had any sections in the picture that did not have a lot of detail (like a part of the background that was not totally in focus), the Likon paper seemed to have trouble with those sections. What we got was a grainy print in that area. If you look closely, you can see a lot of little dots instead of the blended look that the other papers gave. I am thinking it might have something to do with the finish on the paper, but I am not 100% sure.

I would say if you just want to print off some random pics for the fun of it, use the Likon.And if the pics are going in an album, beihndthe plastic film, youmay not see the quality issues.But if you want prints that will look a bit more professional, spend the $10 at Staples to get a package of 100 Professional grade.
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