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I just bought one of these, and to be honest i had better printouts on my 3and half yr old epson 680! the colours are not anything near to wot they are supposed to be, am i doing sumthing wrong?
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Very odd, I gave the parents a r300 so they could print directly from their Sony digicam and the prints look very good. They are using the genuine Epson inks that came with it from Costco, and Epson premium glossy photo paper.

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I'll ask the obviouse, don't be offended:

Are you using good software to print from?

Are you using the right settings and good paper?

Use ONLY Epson paper. Anything else will look bad. Use Photo settings for Photo paper, etc. Don't try plain paper and expect photo prints.

Epson drivers add capability like PhotoEhnance, Digital Camera Correction, which I use all the time. But saturations controls, special effects, etc. I leave alone for 99% of my prints.

I have Adobe everything. Never use it.

I have Corel everything. Use it rarely.

But I print with ACDSee v7. Nothing else. Most software tries to help way too much and blows out shadows and/or highlights doing automatic (and totally unnessary) adjustments. Once in a while I will use ACDSee's interpolations to get that last inch of quality... but most the time I leave it up to the Epson driver to take the raw image and deal with it.

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TDM_Canon_user: all very true points, part of my post referred to another post by stevewright where he indicated the printer came with 3rd party inks not Epsons.

The parents are using it without a PC at all, the printer has card slots to do direct printing from memory cards. It seems to do a good job all on its own, of course you can't enhance the images at all doing it that way. They drive around in their bounder RV/bus and make prints of their shots as they go.

OH, to be old and retired and suddenly have moneyand time to do everything:?.


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