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I have the Epson R300 and tried printing some pictures on ILFORD Classic Pearl Paper (Semi-gloss/Satin type) and the prints were great. Then I tried the water test and guess what the inks just washed away!! So for this type of paper one should keep it framed. Then I tried the Epson Premium Glossy Photo Paper which produced excellent prints and put it through the water test and it passed! Does anyone know of any other good semi-gloss/Satin paper?


$25 for 25 sheets of 8.5"x11" ILFORD
$22 for 100 sheets of 4"x6" Epson

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How long did you let the print set before trying the water test? Most prints should sit for at least 24 hours before you try.

For a nice Pearl finished paper, try some Pictorico Premium Photo Glossy Paper. It cost much less than the Ilford papers, and to me, makes much nicer prints. I use this paper with my Canon I9100 with great results. The only paper that I feel gives better results is the Pictorico Photo Gallery Glossy paper.

For the water test with these papers and my Canon, they work great. The Ilford papers never seemed to dry for me. The were always tackie. The prints were not that great either.

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Thanks Bill I will give the Pictorico brand a try.
(Wonder is that available in Canada??)

Yes the prints were allowed to dry for a couple of days!
I liked the semi-gloss/satin paper manly because they don't have that sticky feel to them!

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You might want to have a read of http://www.mwords.co.uk/pages/FAQ/articlePaperTypes.htmand learn about the different types of Inkjet photo paper.

I have some Ilford Galerie Smooth Pearl paper - and although the prints look lovely on it (using an Epson R200) - they never dry completely and always feel tacky and they smudge easily days or even weeks after printing :sad:

I also have some cheapo-cheap bog-standard photo paper that I use for most of my prints - that looks very nice, and is instantly dry and waterproof straight out of the printer - I even tried washing a print to see just how waterproof it really was..and it didn't even smear one bit :Oeven after giving it a good scrub with a dishcloth.

.. just goes to show that expensive isn't always better... although that said; ask me in five years time which print has faded away...... :?
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