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Thanks for the reference..Am aware of the group...Have since upgraded my scanner andhave much better initial profiles, these still require tweaking as is to be expected with scanner based profiles.
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So far my best prints use the following settings for neutral grays, good color saturation, color very accurate to a calibrated monitor, natural skin tones, and blacks that are balanced with a good 50% value and with about 5% and 95% black visable. Results should be viewed in sunlight (or a good 6500k lamp) after drying for a least a few hours.

Photoshop CS II (althouch any ICC capable software works)
Print "let printer pick colors"
Send image to printer tagged with sRGB (or Adobe 1998)

Canon IP5000 - Canon OEM ink - Kirkland "professional glossy inkjet" photo from Costco

+10 cyan
+0 magenta
-10 (or -15 for some images) yellow
intensity between 0 and 5 depending.
ICM ON (<< necessary to read/interpret your sRGB profile)

I avoid intensity +10 becasue it compresses black and loses too much detail in subtle dark areas, making them black. An alternative method of increasing saturation while leaving intensity @ zero, is to raise CMY but not K, which juices the image up but doesn't compress blacks. Increasing CMY each by 5 will need a bit more color balancing as that flat abount throws off balance a bit towards red.

I would like to use color profiles in PS and leave all print settings zeroed, however I found the Ilford ICC profiles to produce too much red/magenta saturation and to reduce contrast too much for my taste.

*** Alternate method : set printer destination space to "Canon PR1" in Photoshop, and set printer driver setting to "none" color mode, ICC OFF, and +10c +0m -10y 0 to +5 intensity.

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btw, someone mentioned that they'd rather have PS do the color calibration than "windows" meaning disabling the ICM and using custom profiles.

That's true if you have a very good color profile specifically for your printer, paper, and ink.

However, otherwise you're better off sending ICM to the printer driver, and letting it compensate for the printer characteristics.

The print driver (by Canon) does the conversion.
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dishinit wrote:
Ok, Ibelieve I have got it. I used the Ilford CanonProfileswith both my i960 & ip5000 (printer specific) on Kirkland Glossy from Costco.

Ilford Profiles for Mac & PC can be downloaded here:http://ilford.com/html/us_english/prod_html/Galerie/IJProfiles/default.asp

For my iP5000, the Ilford Smooth High Gloss profile works best

For my i960, it's a bit of a toss up between Smooth Gloss & Smooth High Gloss, with my preference for Smooth Gloss.

With each profile download, it instucts you as to where the file should be placed in your directory (in XP, right click the profile and click install). In XP, Select the correct profile under Printers/Properties/Color Management or within your Photo Application.

The followingsettings are true for both printers:
Thank you Thank you Thank you...........For all your time and effort you just saved me from having a break down.....You ROCK!!!!
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