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I've seen where some recommend that a person should only refill BCI-6 tanks about three of four times. Is there a particular reason they say this? Doessomethiing happen to thesponge after so much time? Maybe thefilter plugs up? Just curious.
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I've heard this too and have had no problems until i let the cartridge run out of ink totally.
Top them up well before they go dry.

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Look at this site there are folks that have fill canon cartridges more than 3 times and still get good results.
I have refilled cartridges over 5 times and have not had any problems.

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I have refilled these many times and have lost count. I have experienced drop out of some colors from time to time and have noticed a couple of things that lead me to some conclusions:

- colors that appear fine during print out drain quickly with the fill plug out of the top.

- colors that drop out do not drain well with the fill plug out.

The last time I was investigating a drop out of PC I noticed nothing was coming out of the tank. I tapped it on the paper several times until the ink began to flow again and *presto*, the PC came back just fine.

My conclusion is that the sponge inside the cartridge plugs up and that is more than likely the reason for the recommendation to change them out periodically.

Hope this helps.
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