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Greetings to all!

I am hoping someone can help me get around this frustrating problem. I have been trying to print some pictures through Paint Shop Pro 8 onto this Staples brand high gloss photo paper on my Epson R200. Although the prints look quite sharp and vivid, there is an annoying blue cast over the picture.

Ironically, printing on ordinary paper actually matches closer to the screen than the Staples paper. So I have to assume its my paper/ink combination that is causing my grief.

I am hoping that I can find the right color balance or hue adjustment or saturation adjustment (or a combination of all of the above, plus contrast!) to "correct" the photo for printing with what I have. Can anyone offer any tips?

I am gathering from my experiments that I may be stuck having to buy other paper. If this is the case, what would you recommend? I have read some reviews, and Epson brand photo paper sometimes has a slight yellow cast. Why in the world would PLAIN paper yield more accurate colors, albeit washed out compared to real photo paper?? I really would like to print and preserve what I see on the screen.

Your input would be greatly appreciated. I hope to hear from you.

Thanks a bunch, and happy shooting!
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I've been printing with Epson printers for a few years now, and decided to avoid ANY store brand photo paper. I've tried Officemax & Staples and could never get a good finish or color balance with either. So far the only stuff I've used that I am satisfied with are (in order) Epson, Canon Photo Paper Pro, Kodak Ultima, Konica and International Paper. They all take a little bit of tweaking to get figured out, especially the Ultima, but they all give good output with the R200. Avoid the store brands, and some others like Fuji and HP like the plague.
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Hey Brett,

Thanks for your reply! I actually also posted this same question on another photography forum and got the same answer. I appreciate you confirming this though.

In the end, I bought some Epson paper, and I'm dazzled by the results. I don't know what I will do with my Staples paper, although I think I may use it for abstract photos where the blue cast won't be as much a factor as, say, animals or flowers.

Happy shooting, Brett!
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You could use it to print out emails.

A lot of people don't realize it but printer manufacturers design their ink formulae and paper design to work as a pair. In other words, the chemicals in the ink are tuned to work best with the coatings on their paper. I have used several Epson inkjet printers and found that in all cases, Epson photo paper works the best. I tried some Kodak glossy paper once and the print looked terrible. The darker colors sort of puddled up and created these dark spots or blotches all over the print. I only used two sheets and threw the rest out.

For general purpose text and web printing, any good quality inkjet paper will work but for photographs, always match the paper to the ink.

Cal Rasmussen.
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Hey Cal,

I laughed out loud when I read the print off emails bit. :-)

Good advice about pairing the ink and paper. I have heard from other forums of some people getting good results from mixing brands, but its often a hit or miss process to get it right. Two brands of paper and tons of tweaking of pictures later, you find the right mix, where they could of just saved that cash and bought the same brand paper in the first place.

However, if there is ever a brand that could save me money because its cheaper, then I might consider it that painful process. In the meantime, my Epson paper/ink combo is really shining for me!

Thanks for the reply! Happy shooting, happy printing!

rmarquez5 :|
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