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My printer past is numberous. I have had both Epsons and Canons. From the Stylus 800 to my current R200. For Canon I have had the 5000, S820 and my current Pixma IP6000D. One thing has always been consisten, Epson will take almost any paper, and the canon is one Finikie S.O.B when it come to paper.

In my current Canon (PIXMA 6000D) I have tried FUJI, Kodak, HP, RoyalBrites, and Iford Gallerie, and only the latter has worked with success. I have attached a picture showing my problem since I have found that some people use different terminology to describe the same thing. I have tried ALL of the possible combinations with the printer settings, so don't even go there. Note: that I am using Canoninks, not the "We-Ink" or "Inkjetgoodies" substitutes.

I would love if someone could give me a definition of this "blotchiness" of the ink on the paper.

Describe why this happens on these papers. (All papers tested were High Gloss)

And if there is a reason why the ILFord papers always end up working on my Canon and Epson.

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I've gota Canon Pixma MP750 and am also looking for the right paper for it. One key question first - could you tell me the precise Ilford Galerie paper you're using: is it the Smooth Gloss or the Classic Gloss?

(Smooth Gloss is porous microceramic instant-dry like the Canon Photo Paper Pro; Classic is swallable polymer-based, like the HP Premium Plus, and I don't know what the Pixma dye inks would make of it, all the Canon papers being porous as far as I can see.)
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I currently have a a Canon I9100 and the Pixma 4000. For both of these printers I have found that the Pictorico Gallery Gloss and Premium Photo papers work the best. For matte papers, the Epson Enhanced Matte works really nice.

I have found that the above mentioned papers will work even better than the Ilford papers. I was not pleased with them at all, they were very blotchy.

By my understanding, why the blotchiness is ocurring is that the ink is just sitting ontop of the paper and not getting soaked into it. I have also been told that some of the processes that the paper companies use don't work with some inks. Kodak and Canon printers don't go to good together.

Also, try to baseline your system. Get some Canon paper to see how it works, then compare that to what you are using. For me, the Pictorico worked much nicer than the Canon Pro paper.

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Just bought a 6000d and get excellent results using Staples brand photo supreme high gloss - virtually identical to the canon pro paper (direct comparison)
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I'm using an i850, i865 and a Pixma6000D, with either Inkjetgoodies or Canon inks I get perfect results on Epson Premium Glossy, crisp images with excellent colour rendition, the Ilford Gallerie Classic Glossy is a fairly close second and their Classic Pearl is excellent.

Not sure how this will come out, original image was on a6" x 4" print on Epson Premium, scanned approx: a 3" x 2" sample at 600dpi, resized with Photoshop down to 640pixels width at 2400dpi so I could post it :roll:

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