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Hello...I am a new subcriber to this board. I am in a bit of a dilemma in choosing to purchase a Canon i9900 or an HP 8750. I have been comparing reviews and forums and thought I might pass on the question to the experienced members on this site. I have a large number of black and white photos which I wish to reproduce, as well as some color material. Many of the black and white photos have been autographed in various color inks on the emulsions, and I wish to reproduce the color signatures as well as a full gray range on the black and white image. I understand that the HP has a better gray range than the Canon...perhaps you can help me understand this process as follows: would I set up the printer to reproduce the image as a "color" print setting because of the color autograph, and would the HP gray range still be effective in reproducing the black and white image? Or does the gray range only take effect if the total print to be copied is black and white? I am new to this so I hope my questiion is making sense. I am not too concerned about speed of operation as I am about quality of the prints. Ease of operation and cost are also important factors. I am also reproducing some 11x14 color vintage lobby card posters. So if I could get some feedback as to which printer would be best for my needs as I have described, I sure would appreciate hearing from you. Thanks for your help. Michael
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yur going to find that inkjets are lacking in the B&W range. only now are they starting to show promise. regretfully neither one of the brands your looking at give a hoot about B&W. only epson is making a serious attempt to give it the range of gradation it needs in the gray scale. the new 2400 is the baseline it has both positive and negativeaspects as do most products. the 2400 and above eacg have 8 colors 3 of them being blk, med blg and lt blk. the next model up is the 4800 and produces the same image using the same inkset only larger. you can read about people using them and their thoughts.




neither HP or Canon produce the quality image of the epsons at this point. they are lagging in the ink technology (pigment) in the smaller printers. the 2400 will slip out a really pretty 11x14 in most cases better then some of us could in a wet lab (almost that is)
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