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I have been using Inkgrabber inks for quote a while along with canon photo paper plus, which works well.

Something I noticed last night when I purchased some very low cost photo paper to do proofing, is that the image looks horrible. The paper is glossy photo paper from Meritline.

I have used this paper in the past and don't ever remember the picture looking so horrible. It looks like the ink isn't really sticking to the paper and is pulling together in some droplets and moving together in other droplets. I even tried some HP glossy photo paper and similar results happened (I could have swore I used HP paper before).

I have recently moved to a new house and the printer was in storage for a while with the inks inside, however if I print on Canon glossy photo paper it looks fine.

Any idea? I know that I have used these papers before, but I don't know what has happened now. Again, the canon glossy photo paper looke fine if I put a sheet in and try it before/after I use one of the others mentioned above. I's been cold lately, could that have anything to do with it?

Thanks, Mike

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First, even though I have no experience with inkgrabber, I have seen some past favorable reviews of their products. It is possible that inkgrabber may have changed suppliers so that could be part of the change.

Second, paper and not the ink may be a bigger variable. And you may have tried HP paper before but was it the same paper exact paper or just the same brand? You can have glossy and matte surfaces and some paper just absorbs ink better and then self seal.

So that becomes the photoprinting game-----to get economy you try various cheaper vendors. You finally get some combination that works well. Then some vendor changes something and its back to square one.

So it becomes somewhat necessary to find suppliers who will inform you if something changes at the time you next order.-----and keep current on various forums.

But sounds like that paper just is not absorbing the ink well.--try more open textured papers.-----they need not be per say more expensive.
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I own an i9100 and what an excellent printer it is.
You've touched upon a subject that has been plaguing me for the last several weeks. I too have had excellent results in the past using generic glossy photo paper with generic refillable cartridges. And then my photo magenta cartridge started to become contaminated with the photo cyan ink, essentially turning it purple. An exhaustive search helped to conclude that the photo cyan ink had changed in viscosity somewhere along the way. So I went looking for a more reputable, after-market ink and cartridge supplier.
I found ColorBat.com. Very reasonable prices and seemingly competent advice.

I switched to their products but unfortunately I changed my supply of generic glossy photo paper to the Meritline Premium brand at the same time. Shame on me. I got the same horrilbe results on this paper that "cianflon" wrote about. The ink just seems to lay on the surface of the paper and I'm getting faint serrated roller marks. Using the Canon brand paper however produced excellent results with both the Pro glossy and matte finishes. Of course now I have 100 sheets of Meritline paper that is useless.

My next acid test is to buy a complete set of OEM cartridges and some Ilford paper from Atlex.com. Hopefully I can get the ColorBat ink to work with this new paper. Because even at tje discounted $10 a piece for OEM cartridges, I'll go broke printing.
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